LimeWire Finally Changes Sides, Becomes Legal

The peer-to-peer file sharing software gets involved into music distribution

LimeWire is currently one of the most famous software solutions on the Internet and especially among the users who are interested in file-sharing applications. If you didn’t know, LimeWire is built in Java and is especially meant to represent a peer-to-peer file sharing program that would allow the users to search and download almost any type of file placed on other consumers’ computers which are connected to the Gnutella network.Because of that, LimeWire has always been an important part of the black side of the Internet as some of the companies were claiming that the software solution supports the distribution of the pirated content.

Well, this is going to be changed soon as the LimeWire creators finally decided to become legal and get involved into music distribution. According to Electronista, the application will distribute DRM-free music content, becoming a powerful rival for the already famous and I-would-rather-buy-music-from-them programs such as iTunes.

The same publication informs that music “will be encoded at 256Kbps, a quality higher than the vast majority of stores. Backing the launch will be tracks from two different sources: indie label distrubtor IRIS, and Nettwerk, a label home to artists such as the Avril Lavigne, Delerium and Sarah McLachlan.”

What’s more interesting is that LimeWire comes from that side of the Internet that is often criticized by media companies because they create major losses in their revenues. However, the creators of the software solutions expect a high success on the Internet as they are now moving into the legal competition but it might be a little bit difficult because some of the companies might regard this initiative as useless and dangerous.

Source : Bogdan Popa, Security and Search Engines Editor
[Via Softpedia]


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