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19 thoughts on “Contact

  1. i have nokia 5300 with vodafone (india)..my instant msg software Berggi is not working with it. earlier it was working with hutch . pls help me out.

  2. hi,
    my nokia 5300 has a problem with the menu interface.
    The im and the help icons have dissapeared! I’ve tried turning on and off my phone, restoring it to factory settings. I don’t know what to do is there a way to fix this? The menu only display 7 out of 9 icons/apps.. please help :*(

  3. hey dude i would like to ask something. I just got my nokia 5310 and it is really great. the problem is that i can’t copy or delete the included songs or free songs on the phone. i would like to delete them. can you pls teach me how.

  4. i have a nokia 5310 music phone. when i plug in my earphones it will only play music through one ear. i have tryed other earphones and it does the same. please help…


  5. Hey there,
    i just bought the nokia 5610. i did a lot of research on phones and decided that this phone would be the best for me. when i got the phone in i was really excited to download music to it. i fully charged the phone and installed the nokia pc suite that came with the phone. however, when i went to hook up the phone with my CA-101 cable that came with the phone it said that “PC suite does not support the connected phone. Install a correct version of PC suite and try again.” But i installed the version that came with the phone! why would it not work? so then i decided id try an updated version. and that also didnt work. im out of ideas. i dont know what version of the software i need or what i need to do so that my computer recognizes and accepts my phone! i would really like to keep this phone, if i could only figure out whats wrong. thank you for your help!


  6. i have instaled kd player on my nokia 6233.but shows file unable to open & invalid locator plz help me to solve the problem

  7. Gustokonyan,
    Im not sure i understand. I connected the cable when the screen on nokia pc suite told me to. on my nokia 5610, the screen gave me some options. I selected nokia pc suite on my phone. On the computer screen the program seemed to be searching for my device and when it found it, thats when it told me that my device isnt supported. The phone was in “grey” on the screen. i couldnt select it. I bought my phone unlocked because i live in Europe and the US. Do you think that this could have something to do with it? perhaps my phone software? if so is there a different software i should install on my nokis 5610? Let me know if i misunderstood your question. Thank you again for your help!

  8. Briant,

    My view will be based on my 5300, since 5300 and 5610 are both s40 phones and may have most features alike.

    In my phone, whenever i connect the cable, it shows 3 options: nokia mode, an option about a printer, and USB data transfer. if i want to make my phone accessible by Nokia PC Suite on my pc, i select Nokia Mode. Maybe in 5610, it’s Nokia PC Suite as you said.

    Try updating your firmware, and/or download the latest version of nokia pc suite.

    Latest firmware for 5610: https://xpressmusic.wordpress.com/2008/01/15/nokia-5610-v481-firmware-update/

    Latest version of PC Suite: http://www.nokia-asia.com/A4482317

  9. Hey Gustokonyan,

    Thank you for all the help! I updated my firmware and downloaded the most recent version of nokia pc suite. But it still gives me the same error message. i am all out of ideas. perhaps ill try to return the phone and get a new one. any other suggestions? thanks again!

  10. hey my 5310 just turns on for 5-10 secs then back off again. i just got this phone couple weeks from now. can you pls help me? pls pls pls… am just dying to use my phone but this freakin thing i just dunno wat to do…. hope to hear from you soon..

  11. How do I reset N5300’s password?
    i was trying to put a password on my N5300 but i found out someone already did that. i wanted to change it, but to be able to do that i need the old password. so i need to know if there’s a way of resetting the password.

  12. How do I reset N5300’s password?
    i was trying to put a password on my N5300 but i found out someone already did that. i wanted to change it, but to be able to do that i need the old password. so i need to know if there’s a way of resetting the password.

  13. go to settings and find the security and you should reset it from there. if you cant go to the menu since the phone needs the pass, go to comp and reformat the phone.

  14. hey,
    does anyone have the Nokia 5610?
    i’m thinking about buying it but lots of people are having problems and i don’t know if i should.
    i was going to but it over the internet cause it costs like $200 – $300 whereas its like $600 – $700 atthe shops.
    but if i buy it on the internet and it breaks i can return it.
    wat should i do?

  15. hi iam arun,i have bought dis nokia 5310 has never troubled me since 1 month but 2 days ago i inserted my friends memory card and sim card in it was working properly but since then when ever i try to switch it on it isn’t happening ,i think there might be some virues i my friends memory card please tell me any method by which i can patch it up by my own, as it i can’t go to nokia care cause im in my brother’s place please reply me as soon as possible.

  16. I want to buy the google or glasses which can see through clothes and walls.
    Please let me know how to get it.

    S Korea

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