KD Player – Music and Video Player for Nokia S40 Phones

Finally,A Working media player for my phone

KD Player v0.5.6 (English Version)

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[UPDATED]Newest KD Player is now available here.

” KD Player ” is java-MP3 player for mobile phones supports all audio and video formats supported by your phone.

The program is likely to replace the standard music player on the phone. In addition to standard playback(Play, volume control, fast forward, rewind, mixing, repeat) the program has the following characteristics:

1. Support for ID3-tag
2. Creatin and editing own MP3
3. Sort tracks on album, by performer, song name, etc.
4. Ability to specify folders to be scanned for presence of files
5. The music library, which is constanstly updated
6. Ability to play and rewind video (depends on phone model)
7. Ability to work in background (Sony Ericsson phones only)

KD Player has been tested on these phones: Nokia Series40: 5300, 6233. If your phone supports JSR-75 and JSR-135, program will work too.

Source : Easter-Eggs Nautilus Studio

[UPDATED]Newest KD Player is now available here.

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  1. very solid software, only problem is the hindrance of allowing it to access my memory card when I’m adding files into my playlist. I’m utterly helpless as to how I should add 500+ music files…ie there’s no mass-add like the Nokia 5300 Music Player’s ‘Update Library’!

    Actually my version of the KD Player is older, so the above saying is of outdated stuff, maybe 😛


  2. hi. i downloaded kd player into my d807 phone. everything works exept the fact taht i do not know how to add music to it. i click where it says add files but nothing happens. i really want to know how to add music from my memory card… i would really appreciate it if someone would help me. thanks a lot!!!!

  3. To Estefania :

    Just create a new playlist and add some of your music files.You can do that by KD PLAYER>Playlist>New Playlist>Choose C:/ or E:/(Depends on phone platform).Then add your music and video files into the playlist.

    Good Luck!

  4. Hi, I just cannot get KDplayer working properly on my Nokia 6234. Everything works, except for reading the music tags of MP3 files. It reads the artist and title, but just will not read the album tag. Such a pity because the music player that came with the phone is useless ( no album/artist sorting) Any ideas anybody how to solve this?

  5. i figured out how to put songs on it but…
    how do u put stuff on the C:/ or E:/
    i have a nokia 6288 and i cant figure out how to put songs on it

  6. Michiel,

    Unfortunately, the KD Player v0.5.6 doesn’t support tags.But i’ll check if it is added on the new version v0.8.1.

  7. My 6233 runs KD player 0.8.2 and tags don’t work properly. Artist and title yes, but not the album tag. The author emailed me that support is indeed lacking for my phone, something to do with him having to write the metadata classes himself. The strange thing is that it does work on a nokia s40 5th edition. But not on a s40 third edition like mine. KD player is also able to read artist and title from the filename when tags are missing altogether, but again not the album tag or any other tag. That should be simple to implement though. I’m waiting for an update… In the meantime I might write a simple file browsing mp3 playing MIDlet. That’s all I need really…

  8. Dima, mathew14, MarkK

    That seems strange.It seems only some N6233, N6280, and N6288 has this problem.Maybe a compatibility problem.I advise you to update your firmware’s and check if it is fixed.


    Absolutely NO.KD Player is a standalone application so it won’t replace the default music player on your N5300.


  9. C:/ and E:/ CANT ADD MUSIC – solution

    Hey guys, so ive found the problem to why people can’t add music when it comes to the c:/ ad e:/ folders. your phone and thanks to your service providers, i assume, has blocked certain functions of java applications. On my nokia 6275i for instance, with solo mobile, they blocked all java apps to access phone data and stuff like that.

    When u go to a java application on you phone wherever it might be, weather on a sd card of phone memory, if u go to options > appication access > data access > read user data – it will be set to Not allowed… this blocks your java app to access fie on your phone. example. MUSIC!!!

    I have found a solution.

    http://www.nokia.romanlech.com or search google for Nokia Diego Software and read up on some tutorials.

    it has a step by step tutorial on how to fix it.

    NOTE: for those of you who are experienced in using NOKIA DIEGO software. all you need to do is change the java settings.

    PRI ID Settings > Generic Features > Middleware > Java (J2ME) > Java Settings – Then in the window change the Java Configurations to Option 0

    When the phone resets, go to the java application and set options > appication access > data access > read user data – to Ask every time

    When you open the program, and look for music, the C:/ directory is the gallery menu and the E:/ i the memory card.

    This works for series 40 phones. including Nokia 6275i

  10. hello,

    i have nokia 6233 v5.43. i installed kd player 0.8.3.

    but when i try to play from the player, i get an error.

    “Playing impossible! Exception: device error”

    has anyone had the same problem? any help?

  11. hai i downloaded the KD player v0.5.6 and installed it in my nokia 6233.But one problem is that when press 6 key(to FF) it begins to forward but when i release the key the player plays from the old point.So i cannot fastforward it.So can anybody help me please???

  12. hi… it works properly in my 6300, the only problem is that i cant minimize it… can somebody tell me how can i minimize KD player without closing its application… thanks… =)

  13. hiiii….
    welll i got a smalll prob wid player….im gettin an error dat playin impoosblie…soo can u tell me wad s the mistake i hav done or it the software prob…plzz help out….is der anyoda software 4 playin music oda den dis….i willl waitin 4 ur reply…
    thankin u…..

  14. Sounds like pretty cool. I appreciate this however other people say. I used to listen such music when I was traveling in the bay side of West Germany. It was really great. Anyway, thanx for the post.

  15. i bought a brand new nokia 5310, and my problem is restarting while i’m playing music in media player. i think there’s a bug, i need the new software upgrade of 5310. thanks.

  16. Kd Player working on 5310 but the problem is it can not minimize & appication access ask each time, suggest me the settings for phone

  17. Al,

    Many also have experienced problems same as yours. I think it’s really a problem, because almost three of four units got this kind of problem. Better send your phone back to your retailer.


    Unfortunately, it cannot be minimized as Nokia 6300 doesn’t have a multitask function.


    Yeah Nokia 6233 doesn’t have a FF/Rew function. But hey, why don’t you try KD Player v0.5.6?


  18. does anyone know if this will work for my Samsung D900, cus the player only allows 4 playlists of 30 songs each which is really anoyying when your trying to listen to songs without being caught….. if anyone does know if this will work for the samsung or knows of any other software that cud work for the samsung then cud you email as i wud never be able to find this again!!! ki3r4n.j@gmail.com thanks

  19. Can someone Pls Pls Pls Pls help me!!

    I have a nokia 6288 that i just got i didn’t like the media player on it so i decided to look for another player and the kd player is what i choose. but the only thing is it doesn’t work. it keeps saying ‘ Cannot create file! E:/Music.mp3 device error! ‘
    Can someone please help me?

  20. just sync your mobile with winamp and create a playlist on winamp. then send the playlist to your mobile. now open KD player. go to the playtist option select ‘Open Playlist’ go to the drive where you have saved your playlist and open it. then Enjoy All Your Songs!!!!

  21. m using a nokia 63oo i hv the latst version of the KD player. n its wrkin gr8…i also downloaded a bunch of skins for it….but it gives an error whn i try using them…it saya null pointer…..n sm other suff lk dat…cn neone help.???

  22. hello everyone am owning a se k750i but when i start kd player it will start asking write or read user data a 100 time how can i solve it!!!!

  23. i have installed kd player in my 6233, but when i put skins on it, its shows error message jave error null something? can u pls help me???

  24. can videos be seen in full screen with kd player i couldnt find any option of viewing videos in f screen can anyone suggest an idea

  25. can anyone help me!? my kdplayer is ok but theres something wrong, i already add a files to be play but when i will play it theres a error message that “Cannot open the file:…Invalid path!” and when i change the setting is says”invalid format:/audio/mpeg!” but my file is a mp3!…

  26. Hi,

    I have the same problem as vignesh above. I use a Nokia 6280. one problem is that when press 6 key(to FF) it begins to forward but when i release the key the player plays from the old point.So i cannot fastforward it

    Can you help me out ?

  27. Can this play M4A files?? coz i converted all my songs to m4a and now i can’t play them from the Kd Player

    but its a good Application

  28. iv got a nokia 6288 and when i try to put a skin on it says the file is corropt fileconnection java.lang.Outofmemory

    can any one please help me put skins on

  29. “Can this play M4A files?? coz i converted all my songs to m4a and now i can’t play them from the Kd Player”

    Yes it does support M4A, AAC, MP3 file formats. To genralize, it supports all formats for which the phone has native support.

  30. Hi!

    I have a problem playing mp3, amr and 3GPs. It says: Cannot Open File!:…Invalid Locator!

    Could someone help me? My Phone is nokia 7360 ^^

  31. Does KD Player support A2DP profile? I want to enjoy my music on my bluetooth headphone in stereo, but right now I can here only low quality mono.

  32. Hi all,
    i have just downloaded kd music player in my mokia 5300 as my music player got corrupted
    It works fine but doesnot get minimised, its version is 0.9.6
    can anyone tell whats problem with it.
    I need help regarding

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