Nokia 5610 v4.81 Firmware Update

Nokia 5610 XpressMusic Software Update

Noticeable changes and fixes:

  • Fixed the restarting problem.
  • Fixed the problem when sometimes the phone cannot detect any memory card.
  • Smoother navigation
  • Faster loading times

Update Links:

Online Update for unlocked phones(SIM-Free)

Before you start, make sure you have met these requirements:

To install and run Nokia Software Updater application:

PC with 1GHz or higher Pentium-compatible processor

At least 256 MB of RAM (memory)

Windows 2000 (SP4 or later) or Windows XP (SP1 or SP2) or Windows Vista

Administration rights on the PC while installing

High-speed internet connection

To connect your phone to a PC:

Fully charged, compatible Nokia phone

Compatible Nokia USB connection cable

Compatible USB port on your PC

Step 2/2: Back-up data

Personal data such as contacts, photos and messages stored in the phone memory will be deleted during phone software update. It is strongly recommended that you backup this data to your memory card before updating your phone software.

To backup to your memory card:

select Tools > Memory from the main menu

select Options > Backup phone mem.

To restore info to phone memory:

select Tools > Memory from the main menu

select Options > Restore from card

Now click on the link below to proceed with the update



  1. i have nk5610 w/ restarting and memory card not found problem.. i tried ur advice and updated my software to v04.81 but the problem doesnt solve it.

  2. hai
    i m having 5610.
    i have updated from version 4.20 to 4.81
    but after updating the restarting occurance has been reduced but not solved.
    moreover the sound quality after updating has become worst
    can any one give solution for this

  3. i think i have a virus in my nokia 5610. the screen is intermitantly up and down and some some times blank for continuously.

    how can i solve this problem?

    i need to know have to flush the software and reload it again

  4. sometimes the problem maybe due to the memory card.some cards have an issue.My friends ‘hang’ issue was solved when he changed the memory card

  5. i cannot update at all. why is it so. updater says phone not detected when it is connected and even pc suite says phone is connected via USB..why is updater saying phone not connected then?!pls. help..tia

  6. BIG Problem, after replace the memory card, my 5610 don’t start anymore!!!

    sorry, my english is so bad!!!:)
    I had a change of mem cards… i had a 512 mem and i’ll change for one of 2 GB
    after the change, my 5610 dont star…. he show the logo (animation about 2 hands touching) and he shows the welcome screen … and he turn-off…
    I try to put the old mem card again, but happens the same ….
    I send to a especialized store and tell me that they dont have the firmware to uptade.
    thank you so much!!!

    A desperate brazilian!!!!

  7. I have the same problem. My 5610 restarts frequently. Few days ago the screen went blank. after that sometimes it comes bank with a red background with Nokia writing on it and again goes blank. Anyone have any solution. pls help

  8. I can not find the calculator application. I may deleted it accidentally. Can you help me to install it again.

  9. i have the same problem with my 5610, after the shaking hands animation, my phone turns off by itself, any one an help us with this problem?

  10. U guys can update to version 6.60 but let me warn u dat if u do d sound quality becomes muddy….if u increase bass in d equaliser but all other problems have been sorted out

  11. i have the same problem as ‘GOODWIN CHRIS’ he said:

    “i think i have a virus in my nokia 5610. the screen is intermitantly up and down and some some times blank for continuously.

    how can i solve this problem?

    i need to know have to flush the software and reload it again

    can you plz tell me howto resolve this problem a.s.a.p on this chatroom, thanks.

  12. Try code reset.

    Press *#7780# and press left upper button next to the screen or

    Press *#7799# and press left upper button next to the screen

  13. i hav nokia 5610… and i m really fed up with this mob…… i personally advice every one not to buy such a ####### mobile….

  14. i have nokia5610 i update my phone v.4.81
    then i delete file in phone memory servic light then i restart my phone but it not working plz tell me what i can do

  15. Hello guys

    Considering the restarting problem faced by many customers, an online petition has been created. All those who are facing the restarting problem of Nokia 5610 Xpress Music while on a call or listening to music, please go to the following link and sign up the petition. It’ll be posted to the concerned Nokia authorities so that they will help us in solving the problem.


    Sri Raghav

  16. please help me with this?
    My Nokia 5610 Xpress Music turned off because of a low battery. but when i charged it and put it on the nokia writing comes, stays for a long time then flickers & turns off. when i tried connecting it to the computer, it’s not recognized. what can I do?

  17. Hi Moto Ride!!! Are you sure these crashings are happening because we are accessing THEMES, GAMES AND OTHER APPLICATIONS from Memory Card??

    Also if we access only MP3’s, will it work? and is it that if we use Nokia memory cards, it will not give any problem??

  18. A workaround to fix the mem card problem is:
    1- connect the fone on the pc with the non recognizes mem card plugged in.
    2- open the nokia pc suite.
    3- click on “File manager” option and after, on “Memory card” option.
    4- after that go to the music player on the mobile phone and try to reload the music list.
    it works on me.

  19. Hi Everyone

    Even my 5610 is creating a lot of problems for me.

    1)It keeps on changing its ringtone&message tone.
    2)The message will be received at some where around 6 in the morning and the time it shows is 11 in the night.
    3)It frequently hangs up,requires removing the battery reinserting it and turning it on again.This occurs mostly when the music player is on and some other sound due to call or reminder occurs or simply at the end of the playlist.
    4)A “tip” kind of sound while playing songs in the music player.

    Does a software reset like *#7780# is sufficient or is a firmware update required.My firmware version is v4.81.

  20. hi ppl the right button aint working anymore ?!! just like a sudden .. i cant turn it off or reject a call ?!!!! how can i solve the problem?!

  21. Hey guys, I just uploaded the new firmware for my 5610 XM today, I guess the version is 08.30…It fixed the restarting problem and cracking problem. But popped up with another bug. My FM radio player doesn’t work. When I slide to radio player it says Application Error. Even sometimes it happens when I try to play mp3s and other formats. Also the in built equaliser does not work! Is there anyway I can install external music player or how can I get rid of this problem? 😥 please help me out!!

  22. I bought 5610 3days back. It shows XprssMusic V 5.92 (14/03/08)
    After how long you see these problems ?
    Should I keep this or change ?

  23. my phone restarts during a call plz lee knw is updation realy requird????
    i tried updating but it shows fatal error during initial stage n gets offf!!!!!!!!
    plz help me…….

  24. Ok guyz if u installed the Nokia PC suite again and checked everything that was required to make the connection with the PC and still the PC doesn’t detect the phone then HERE’s The best solution
    Connect the phone to the USB port beind ur CPU , that port offers higher power and it will surely detect it. Mine was solved

  25. v08.30 update suck!!! it turn my 5610 into ordinary music phone. i preffer chose 04.81 for best sound quality but there is noway to downgrade. so… “DONT TRY TO UPDATE UR 5610 TO V 08.30!!! OR U’LL BE SORRY”

  26. i have one problem my phone restarts playing videos and songs plz it means some problem in our phone soft ware required a new updated soft ware !!!!!!!!
    plz help me…….

  27. hello there,
    I had bought a Nokia 5610 Xpress Music last month. It didn’t come with a memory card but when i bought one for it,it’s not detecting it.I’ve tried other cards but nothing,please help…

  28. hufff…
    guess i have d’ same problems with my 5610, guys…
    i’ve got it since X’Mas 2007
    it hang everytime i play MP3

    1) it goes hang every time i play mp3
    2) “camera on standby”
    3) camera VGA “operation failed” everytime i make video call

    anyone can help me, please…???

  29. I think I can help you guys here, even I have 5610, while listening to music if a message comes phone hangs , I can only restart opening it from back and other restart problems !!!

    Restart Problems can be solved by –
    1. Upgrade the memory card to be at least 2Gb
    2. Or at first can also try by formatting your memory card.

    Hope this solve your Problems……………

  30. Hola amigos, les cuento que yo ya estoy muy avanzado en esto de los problemas de mi Nokia 5610 XpressMusic- clor Azul, pero en vez de desecharlo y comprarme otro, sigo con él porque es un cel que trae muchas prestaciones.
    Antecedentes: Compre mi Nokia en Agosto de 2008, y apenas lo llevo a mi casa, no cargaba la batt; lo devolví. El 2do. cel., a los 2 días la pantalla como que se desvanecía un minuto y se reiniciaba, a semana de uso, cargo el inicio de las manitos de Nokia y se apagó sin más.; me cambiaron un 3er equipo. Este a los 14 día se me apagó.
    Mi operador en Perú es Telefónica Movistar, me dijerón que era el bendito programa de software y me lo actualiza´ron de la version 4.81 a la 7.12 de 05-08-2008 y el cel, aparentemente ya no se colgaba ni nada; pero nuevamente el fantasma del desvanecimiento de la pantalla y por último se me apagó y cuando lo prendi despues de hacer varios intentos, se puso de 1000 colores pixeleados; asi que procedí a reiniciarlo (solo configuraciones) y resucitó.
    Despúes de eso, tengo que reiniciarlo cada 15 días de esa manera (solo configuraciones) y corre como nuevo; y cuando cumplio media año, lo reinicie de manera total, para que esté Ok. (les recomiendo esos pasos para que el cel no les traiga problemas, pero siempre hagan una copia data a del cel a la pc con el Nokia PC suite y luego que lo reinicien, lo transfieren de nuevo al cel.)
    Despúes de ello, a mi cel le he puesto el mini word, mini excel, el encarta, el messenger, en la memoria interna y e la externa, full musica, fotos, videos y juegos.
    Ahora, haciendo *#0000″, sale cual es su firtware actual, si no tienes el 7.12, entonces conectate al pc suite, o descarga el programa nokia updater y actualizas tu cel por internes, es recontra seguro, yo lo he ehcho 3 veces para evitar las fallas; es como si recien te lo hubieras comprado; si borraste alguna aplicación, con la actualización, vienen otra vez.
    Por lo demás, este equipo es la máximo, lee mp4, tiene buen sonido y la calidad de sus fotos es buenota; por eso sinceramente no lo cambié, porque un telefono con todo lo que trae este, tiene un precio no tan alto.
    Si alguien desea que le mande los programas que he puesto y otros, mi correo es Bye y espero que les haya ayudado en algo.

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