XpressMusic™ Tips and Tricks

Howdy,XpressMusic Lovers! Tips and Tricks for your phone.

Nokia 5300 is a great music phone, but the battery is utterly short. So we’ve come up with this tips and tricks that can help you save some juice out of your phone. It’s also covers tips to maximize your phone functionality and usability.

Camera Tips: [Updated]

1. Always set the NIGHT MODE when shooting indoors.
2. Set the White Balance to Daylight – When outdoors (Day) Fluorescent – When indoors
3. For acceptable shots, set the resolution to 800 x 600.

NOTE: Using the camera will put up a big drain on your battery.

Battery Tips: [Updated]

  • Don’t always use the camera. Only when needed.
  • Set Packet Data Connection to When Needed. Setting can be found on Settings>Connectivity>Packet Data
  • Always turn on the Power Saver Feature.
  • Turn off your Bluetooth when not in use.
  • Turn off screensavers
  • Go to Settings > Phone > Operator Selection > Manual and select your operator. This way the phone doesn’t search for a signal all the time and drain the battery out.(Only advisable for network with good signal.)
  • Always make sure that the phone has an adequate signal. (If the phone is searching for signals, it drains a big part of the battery)
  • I know its fun to play games, but it can decrease your battery so fast.
  • Don’t discharge the battery frequently, otherwise the battery will decrease it’s performance.
  • Battery maintenance, it is recommended to discharge the battery every 30 charge cycles or once a month.
  • The best of all, carry an extra battery if you’re a heavy user.

*If you have some tips other than the above mentioned, just enter it at the comment box.

How to Create Playlist on Nokia 5300, 5310, and 5610

It’s possible to create a playlist straight on your Nokia 5300, 5310 and 5610. I’ll share this little hack for everyone and here’s the trick.

– You start by emptying the “Favorites” tracklist.
– Then go to the music library, and start adding songs in the order you want them (go to the song, and choose ‘add to favorites’ under Options).
– When all songs are added, go back to Favorites tracklist,
– and start to play it.
– Then finally, in the ‘now playing’ screen, choose Options, show tracks, again ‘Options/save as tracklist’, and give it a name.

Really a long process but a useful hack 🙂

Thanks to Mr.Fred for bringing this info



  1. Don’t Charge the battery after there isn’t energy, because if you charge the battery it still has energy, can decrease the porcentage of 100% to less every time that you charge.

  2. Turn off your Auto-Keylock the reason being when you close the slide your display will dim after a few seconds and then a few seconds later light back up so you can read the message telling you that your keypad is locked. If you use your phone often this lighting/dimming of your display takes quite a toll on your battery. if keylock is important to you get in the habit of hitting the center button when you close your phone as this will engage the lock.

  3. hey edgar? do you mean we cannot charge the battery when there is still some charges left? i cannot really understand what you’re saying.

  4. iv recently buyed nokia5310 music xpress,but it hangs sometime…..can someone help me out……and wat for is sleep mode?????

  5. Suggestion to make it sound louder with clear sound.
    I find that adjusting the Equalizer these ways produce louder sound with less distortion:

    (1 to 9 lines with the 1 way down,5 neutral and 9 way up)
    Rock: 9-7-8-5-9
    Clean: 5-6-5-8-9

  6. your settings were great jacob. I thank u. Works gr8on my 5700. But still an upgrade in firmware for loudness is needed.

  7. Wowowee/Wow

    The Nokia 5300 only does supports 3GP and MP4 files. You can convert it with Plato 3GP converter, with the settings–176×144 resolution, 15fps, and AMR sound.

    Qazi Shehryar,

    Are you referring to the loudness option itself? or on the playback? As I’ve heard on some forums, the loudness option does not make any difference with this setting either its turned on or not.


  8. i m reffering to the loudness in playback not to the loudness option and yes the loudness option doesn’t works. So tell proper nokia authority to launch a new firmware upgrade for loudness in playback as well as with working loudness option. And one more thing, doesn’t nokia test their sell phones before they launch to test wether they are working fine or not. Like the loudness option doesn’t works in 5700 and the sound in ear phones isn’t loud at all. Many 5700 users need firmware upgrade for loudness in sound. I had nokia 6630 and it had better and loud sound then 5700 (in earphones). I only bought 5700 bec nokia said that it had sonic chip with crystal clear HI-FI sound (i laughed on that one when i bought it) and still i am regreting it that why didn’t i bought SE phone but i bought it cause i am a huge nokia fan. So nokia should launch a firmware upgrade soon enough or else no one is going to buy this disappointing phone. My friends r also cursing me bec i told them to buy this phone. And they r planning to sell 5700 if nokia doesn’t launch firmware upgrade soon.

  9. i m reffering to the loudness in playback not to the loudness option and yes the loudness option doesn’t works. So tell proper nokia authority to launch a new firmware upgrade for loudness in playback as well as with working loudness option.

  10. da 5300 camera can focused to take close range photos with a small piece of magnifying glass (or magnifying plastic…watever..) while shooting close objects (within 10CM) just like macro mode. if you put a small magnifying glass in front of da cam while shooting it will sharpen close range images a LOT better…well…still trying to find good lenses 4 long range photos…lol

  11. Do u know how often l have to charge battery? Some times its like 20% energy left then l put it to charge. Is it also deffecting battery? When l play games in mobile then its finnishing early. Another question, if you play the game in mobile when charge is on is it deffecting battery?

  12. just acquired a 5310, and i’m very disapointed of the ringtone and speaker volume. does anyone else have this problem or is it a standard for this mobile. keep missing calls because can’t her it, tried with headphones not very loud. all on max settings. anyone got any solutions to improve. heard great results about the phone and don’t want to change it.

  13. Gustokonyan,
    Greetings! Im a Filipino GLOBE user.. I saw your post about making e-mails and IM in 5300. Care to share how it works?
    Thanks man!

  14. hey dude i would like to ask something. I just got my nokia 5310 and it is really great. the problem is that i can’t copy or delete the included songs or free songs on the phone. i would like to delete them. can you pls teach me how.

  15. Jhunel,

    try moving the files from phone memory to memory card using your phone, then you should be able to remove them. For some files, it will work and you will be able to delete them. But some files have Delete, Move and other options disabled. Just give it a try. It worked with my 5300 before.

  16. Sorry guys, its just today that i revisited this particular page. I will prepare my post for the email and im client. It’s currently working for me, i’m a SMART subscriber. Im not sure if itll work on GLOBE..

  17. Ok, instructions for the email and im client:

    The following istructions are patterned using a Yahoo! Philipines account, (that is accounts with .ph extension: ex: pedro@yahoo.com.ph). My original account (me@yahoo.com) does not provide pop access and forwarding settings, so i created a new account in Yahoo! Philippines, which i use now as my official email address.

    – With your Nokia 5300, go to Messaging > Email
    -If you have not created any account before, i think you will be automatically prompted to create a new account. If you have existing accounts, then just go to Options > Manage accounts > Options > New
    -the Account Wizard will appear. Select OK.
    -You will be prompted to select a Provider/Server. Select Other.
    -Step 2 of 7: Input a name that you wish to appear on sent emails, then your complete email address (make sure you enter the correct email address. dont forget the .ph)

  18. -Step 3 of 7:
    Server Type: POP
    Server Name: pop.mail.yahoo.com.ph
    User Name for the incoming mail server: your Yahoo! Mail ID (your email address without the “@yahoo.com.ph”)
    Password: your Y! Mail password
    -Step 4 of 7:
    Server name: smtp.mail.yahoo.com.ph
    User name and password for the outgoing mail server: Same as incoming
    -Step 5 of 7: Configure optional advanced setting for incoming email?: Select No
    -Step 6 of 7: Configure optional advanced setting for outgoing email?: Select No
    -Finish: Name for this account in this email client: your Yahoo! Mail ID (your email address without the “@yahoo.com.ph”)
    -Current accounts will now be displayed. Select Back.
    -To see if its working, select Check new email.
    – Select the account you just created

  19. – If “Cannot connect to network. Check blah blah blah” appears, make sure that your GPRS is enabled and the SmartInternet is selected as the Preferred Access pt. (Settings > Configuration > Preferred Access pt. > SmartInternet)
    (Gprs may work with SMART as the preferred access point, but the email client wil not work until SmartInternet is selected)
    – After Selecting SmartInternet, try checking for new email using the account you created. If the message still appear, try it once again.
    – If the message still appears. check your settings, make sure you inputted the correct values and that you did not forget the holy .ph in your email address

  20. – When my email client started working, i just checked and tried my IM. Inputted username and password, blah blah blah. Then it worked as well. Even with my original yahoo account, the one without .ph (me@yahoo.com). Now, i use my ph account as my official email address and my first yahoo account for ym.

    Try it on globe. If it works pls inform us. For other email provider, (i.e google, lycos ,etc), incoming and outgoing server settings is always available. Login your account, search for the Options link, then look for Pop Access and Forwarding SEttings.

  21. Oh, i think every smart subscriber knows this, but i still would like to mention that connecting to gprs will cost you P10 for 30min. Once you start connecting, P10 will automatically deducted to your load and you will be allowed to gprs all the way, download everything you can for 30mins. If you are still connected after the 30mins duration, another P10 will be deducted from your load. And you cant use GPRS with alltext loads, you will need Economy or higher, or the P15 eload. 😉

  22. One more thing, if i want to check messages on my original Y! account (me@yahoo.com), i use Yahoo! Go. ^^ The disadvantage is that you cannot attach files on your messages. With the email client of Nokia 5300, it is possible to download and send messages with attachments.

  23. thanks gustokonyan for the reply but my problem is that there are 5 free songs in the 5310 i can play them but i cant move them nor delete them. i tried deleting them on my pc but i cant see them when i open the extra folders since thats where they are placed. the options delete and move are disabled on the phone for just this 5 music files. pls help me pls

  24. If the move and delete option is disabled for those files, i think there’s nothing you can do about it. They are copyrighted files. I still have some files here in my phone that i want to remove but i cant. Anyway, those files are stored in the phone memory right? In my 5300, only music files from the memory card are added on the music library. if that’s also the way 5310 adds files on its music library, then you’ll never encounter those 5 songs while your listening to music. but i understand you, their occupying valuable space on your phone memory..

  25. Help! i have a prob with my 5300. When i go to Settings > Configuration > Personal config settings > add > Web,MMS, IM, E-mail etc… it says cannot add new account. Memory full but my personal accounts are empty! help pls… thanks in advance!

  26. Onchi

    You can obtain the correct gprs and email settings from globe. try inquiring through the nearest globe wireless center. with smart, it’s texting GPRS ON to 333.

  27. I can’t wap-browse or connect to the net now, some prob with the settings maybe when i tried having it sent by operator-network. “Packet Data Connection Not Available” / “Link Not Available” flashes on screen. Im using a 5610, and am a Globe subscriber. Anybody care to enlighten me on this pls, id greatly appreciate it 🙂

  28. hi sir
    i am having nokia 5610
    the problem i am facing is that i am not able to use flash light wgile vedio capturing
    i need ur help if u can help me out from this situtation
    thanks and regards
    from :-!_!\/

  29. hi,
    i use a nokia 6233.my firmware version is 5.10.whenever i opened my games folder in the memory card,the phone restarted.formatted the mem card and loaded everything again.i opened the games folder and it opened but when i opened a game the phone restarted and is not starting again.whenever i switch on the phone it restarts rapidly 2-3 times and switches off again.wat should i do?plz help me

  30. I have recently bought a 5610 Xpressmusic. I have never changed the security code. When I try to change the code with Preset code 12345 I get a code error. What could be the problem? Any way to solve this prob?

  31. to del the songs which are already in the memory card dowload a softwre file explorer once its downloaded into ur phone u cn then del the songs it works try it guysss

  32. pleaze help me..

    my phone 5300 keeps ringing when i save the birthday note on calendar.
    even if the day had left, it’s still ringing every day every hour until i changed the alarm type to no alarm.
    does every body have a same problem with me??

    thanks for your help

  33. nice tips…..

    while hearing music it gets restarted wat can i do for tht…..

    In Message log i want to clear the counters wat is the security code for that….

    help me out…

  34. nice tips…..

    Im using 5310

    while hearing music it gets restarted wat can i do for tht…..

    In Message log i want to clear the counters wat is the security code for that….

    help me out…

  35. Hi

    I Can Browse The Web With Phones Browser…But My Applications Like Opera Mini Or Ebuddy cannot get connected to the net…

    I Read This Tips And I Thought It Would Be Depended On “Preffred Access Points”..By When I Saw There…There Where No Access Points Exist In The List…The List Is Empty


  36. HELP! i have a problem with my 5300!
    the sound keeps jumping up and down. i’ve tried to refresh the settings. i’ve even had it been repaired in a nokia shop and its still broken. i have had it unlocked. is it because of that?

  37. Hi,
    I am also facing the same problem as Satish. Please help us out.

    “I m using 5310

    while hearing music it gets restarted wat can i do for tht…..

    In Message log i want to clear the counters wat is the security code for that….”

  38. HELP !!! i recently got a nokia 5300 xpress music phone. i put a song on my phone that is in aac format so i could use it as my ringtone but is keeps saying ” not allowed by activation key ” i’ve tried everything but nothing will work …..any ideas ?

  39. Recently i have bought nokia 5610, its a great phone but i do have some problems regarding the phone such as
    1 the phone gets restarted
    2 the speaker of the phone was not at all working & when i gave it to the care centre they are also not able to fix the problem and so the phone is being replaced. Are the replaced phones bad?
    3 Does it supports antivirus

  40. Adding video to the 5200, 5300 is very easy. Download the free nokia pc suite here: http://europe.nokia.com/A4144905

    Then select files, choose where to save ( on the phone) and it will convert on the fly. Even full lenght movies. I have personally added four 90 minute movies to my 5200 and some mp3’s. Very easy.

    Note that it sems to only convert xvid, avi’s and some other formats, it didnt like some divX movies I had.

  41. Oh, btw, you will need a memory card to store the movies, as they take up some space. But the good thing is the nokia format makes it very small, full length movie is compressed from say a 6-700 xvid format into a 100-125 mbyte 3p format. hence, with my 512 Mb memory card I got with the phone, I had room for 4 movies and about 100mb of mp3’s. One can get up to 2 GB memory cards though.

  42. Oh yeah, lastly, the battery WILL actually last for 1 full movie, the meter still showed full charge after the 98 minute movie finished. 🙂

    Well for lack of a better movie to add it was “herbie” lol
    Also added “blues brothers”, “back to the future” and “easy rider”

  43. i try to download mig33 and ebuddy to my 5300. but it doesn’t work. there’s written “subscribe to packet data first”. acctually, i don’t really understand, because i can use the gprs well. what’s the connection between gprs and packet data ??

  44. Hello. I have nokia 5610. I have few problems as well.

    1. When I go Messaging -> IMs i can connect to my yahoo messenger, i can send messages but i dont receive them. The person at the pc sees what i am writing, but i dont see his texts. What can be the problem?

    2. My music library is refreshing too often.

  45. 2 JEEVAN (#56)
    i have same problem. i think it is bad connection of phone speaker with sys.board (this is whole model problem).
    Especially speaker “jumps” when i closing slider faster, with clap.

  46. i own a 5310. The problem i’m having is that whenever i receive a text message, the time will show that it’s 8hrs delayed of the actual time. for example, i receive a text message at 8PM, look at the message detail and it’ll show 12PM instead. I’ve updated the phone’s firmware from v3.60 to v3.63 but it’s still having the same problem. does anyone else have this problem?

  47. my phone nokia 5300 in this mobile, the calculater is gone, its not visible how to get the calculater in my phone

  48. Hi All,
    I bought 5310 recently.
    Now I want to enable/install pdf reader on it.
    Could you suggest me the link of pdf viewer?
    Is there any s/w available for doc,ppt also?


  49. hey! i would just want to know what is the price of n5610 here in the philippines, cause i would like to buy one but afraid if it may cost a lot… tnx 🙂

  50. hey! i would just want to know how much is the nokia 5610 because i want to buyh one but afraid might cost a lot… tnx! 🙂

  51. Hey ! I had forgotten the password that i set for my memory card. Plz anyone tell me, how to retrieve or break the password

  52. hey all.

    my 5310 is bummed up!~ the side volume buttons dont change the volume, but the phone reconises when i press it.

    what i mean is that i cant turn the volume up or down, and if i mute it it doesnt. but when i press the volume button when its locked, a message ‘press unlcok and then *’ appears, so its definatly working.



  53. I got new 5610 and the voice filtering while on call does not work. Caller on the other side can hear all the background noise; very annoying. Does this model have voice filtering while on call??? If its there can some one tell me how to enable/configure it??

  54. cupcake Says:
    February 8, 2008 at 10:39 am
    HELP !!! i recently got a nokia 5300 xpress music phone. i put a song on my phone that is in aac format so i could use it as my ringtone but is keeps saying ” not allowed by activation key ” i’ve tried everything but nothing will work …..any ideas ?

    I’m having the same problem…. has anyone got a solution for this??

  55. xpressmusic,

    can you please tell me when you should charge your battery, when it is fully discharged or there is still some little energy left?
    pls reply..

    thank you..

  56. hei, just wanna ask, do have any idea how i can put/install gprs settings on my n5300 phone via computer?? everytime i request for gprs settings, i do receive it but i cant save it.. it says: cannot add new account. memory full.. the same goes when i try to put the settings manually.. i also tried formatting it by the nemesis service suite..i also upgraded my firmware and still…nothing happens.. can anyone help me please…

  57. Hi! im new here. I have problem with the sound over voice calls using earphones. when i answer a call, my voice echoed back. it’s annoying… I dont like it.

    help me.


  58. gustokonyan!!

    on my cellphone nokia 5300 do i need to use my regidteres ym id?
    or i can create another one on my phone?

  59. gustokonyan!!

    on my cellphone nokia 5300 do i need to use my regidteres ym id?
    or i can create another one on my phone?!

  60. m3tal

    Usually restarting solves this problem. But I’d recomment upgrading your firmware. Trust me, it’s worth doing that!

  61. Hi,

    i have problem with Nokia 5310 express music, the files and images which are downloaded are getting saved by default in Phone memory and the memory is getting full.is there any way that i can change the the location to memory card as i have 4 Gb memory card i want to utilize it,please someone help me on this.

  62. Evtbang…Can’t you just go to the item, click on move and then move it to the memory card? Yes it’s a pain each time but it might be the only option.

  63. Tip of the handsfree has stuck inthe jack of my 5310 and the handsfree has broken
    now i dont know how to get rid of the peice that has stuck in jack
    The tip was not of the original handsfrre it was of a cheap one now the tip has got into the jack and it does not come out
    i dont how to get that peice out of the jack

  64. EI!
    I’m experiencing the same issue with Dabid here.
    i’m using Nokia 5310 with firmware version of 5.81 and the time zone is still messed up on my end. I’m in thailand and the SMS are 8 hours delayed according to my phone, which really are not. (i know this because i sent a test message to myself)
    Checked and re-checked the time zone settings and everything is set. I even bothered to go inside Menu>Apps>Collection>World Clock and set it there but still No Go! Could somebody please, for the love of God, have this issue resolved. it’s really frustrating and even more frustrating knowing that it’s a simple setting change and yet you cannot fix it yourself.

    One more thing, preloaded music. how in the H*LL do you delete this monsters?! Because i think it really sucks to have something in there that you don’t use and its just wasting space. Tried every possible way to delete it without using 3rd party software (Because most of them are not really FREE, and you need the full version for the full functionality like MobiMB and it’s not guaranteed to remove them anyway). Tried using NOKIA PC SUITE, and the files don’t show. so, how can you right-click on them and have a look at properties to uncheck the ‘Read Only’ checkbox? tried moving the files, but because it’s a “System File” it is not allowed. Tried deleting the whole folder, again effort failed because guess what? it’s a “System File.” Tried renaming so maybe it can be deleted and do you know what happened? Care to take a guess? yep! effort failed because of what? “A System File.” i understand if people are being paranoid about piracy but if you don’t want people to pirate your “music” at least leave an option to delete it. it’s not that good anyway. i hate to say it but of all the nokia phones that i had over the years, this is the first phone i came across that is NOT USER-FRIENDLY.

  65. Hi all!

    I have just one more easy methode to make playlist on the nokia 5300 and for 6300 to.

    The music player use the id3v1 tag to group mp3 : by artist, by albums , bye genre and composer .

    You just have to edit the mp3 id3v1 tag using an editor like winamp to let ure music player group your music for you and simply access it through the music library from th music player option menu 😉

    Be sure to diseable the id3v2 tag when editing your mp3 Tag.

    You can use for example the composer tag to name your playlist 😉

    Hope i help .


  66. i want to read pdf file, but i could not find any pdf reader for nokia 5310 xpress music. if any body knows about this plz reply.

  67. I have purchased the 5610, the User’s Guide that came with it says to use the “nokia-asia.com” site, so im assuming its the “Asia Pacific” model. I live in the United States and i use T-Mobile. I have gotten the T-Mo VPN, T-Zones, T-Mo MMS, and T-Mo Web settings from T-Mobile. I CANT get Yahoo! Go to work. My regular Web icon in the Menu lets me go to any website i want, but i dont have ANY IM client installed otherwise (besides Yahoo! Go which does NOT work). I also cannot get the Opera Mini Browser to work.

    -I run Yahoo! Go and it asks me to Allow Network Access, once. I select yes and it shows me the troubleshooting steps which i have already went thru.

    -I Run Opera Mini and after putting in an address and hittin “enter” it says that there is an error, and to perform the connection test. I do that and it says it cannot connect to the internet and to contact my service provider, which i have done and they dont know what to tell me, except its an UNsupported device 😦

  68. hey, can somebody teach me how to activate my GPRS, MMS, EMAIL settings? I’m a globe user. i’ve already tried doing it manually, but still i can’t connect to the internet. help meeeeee. 😦

  69. i m having nokia 5310 express music, i want to make factory setting restore …but when i do that it ask me for security code. plz suggest any solution.

  70. i have problem with my nokia 6300 that when i tried to add new access point to connect to the net using GPRS there’s a note appears says :
    ( Cannot Add New Account.Memory Full ).
    Please can you help me Please can you help me Please can you help me Please can you help me

  71. plz give me the sites for downloading new application for nokia 5610 xpress music.but i have some java application but it says application is nor from trusred supplier wha should i do.i need morange to chat plz tell me where these application can i found for nokia 5610.plz help me someone….

  72. i have one.
    if your battery is not completely drained yet or just on the verge to be empty. dont charge the phone yet. its gonna make your battery reduce its performance. and dont overcharge the phone. dont just leave the phone overnight thinking it’ll load much charge in it. but it doesnt. hope this helps. 🙂

  73. i have a problem with my xpressmusic 5610, i hope this is the right section to share n solve my prob….the prob is begins like dis….when time i using my videocam….after a few minutes my xpressmusic getting stuck its say “unable to save video”….so i shut off my xpresmusic…and open it again…then the problem is happen… my screen getting blink2..and white blank..no have view…
    after a few second it shut off automatically…..so i can u all tell me what is a problem…
    i hope u all cant help n solve my prob here…

  74. Just got a 5310. How do I keep the screen from dimming while I’m playing music? I have screen saver, power saver and sleep mode all turned to OFF. I’m not concerned about battery life and I want to see the lit screen while music and radio are playing. Also, I have techno clouds theme activated, how can I stop using it without deleting it from the phone.


  75. i try to put my phone in the silent profile but still have it to where the phone vibrates for a call or text but for some reason it is not working. I have the vibrate feature on but it still is not vibrating. Can someone tell me if there is a solution to this.

  76. ok.. does any one now were i can download music players themes to my computer so i can transfer them into my xpress..


  77. my phone is nokia 5300

    how can i receive files thru bluetooth directly to my memory card not the phone memory?

    is it possible?


  78. Help! i have a prob with my 5300. When i go to Settings > Configuration > Personal config settings > add > Web,MMS, IM, E-mail etc… it says cannot add new account. Memory full but my personal accounts are empty! help pls… thanks in advance!

  79. i have a Nokia 5300 XpressMusic and it was working great but now all i get is a white screen && i dont have insuarance does dat mean i have to buy a new one or is their something else i can do please help me out..
    thank you

  80. Help! i have a prob with my 5300. When i go to Settings > Configuration > Personal config settings > add > Web,MMS, IM, E-mail etc… it says cannot add new account. Memory full but my personal accounts are empty! help pls… thanks in advance!

    i have exactly the same problem…

    help please…
    and i cant use the Yaahoo Go application too!

  81. hi, i need some help..

    im a new user of 5300, can someone explain to me wat is “firmware”? is it really useful?

    ur reply is very much appreciated..


  82. to jhunel (39) January 10, 2008 at 6:17 pm

    I managed to delete extra folder by formating the memory card. “To format a memory card, select Menu > Gallery or Applications, the memory card folder , and Options > Format memory card > Yes.”
    My Nokia is 5310


  83. Hallo Friends I cant install Mobile pdf and and doc viewer. iam using nokia5310xpress music phone…plz help me..thnks advance……..

  84. hei kumar and music express,

    u know wer to download full movies? other dan limewire? it took so long for me to download @ limewire..

  85. Hey I have nokia5310xpressmusic and like the messengers will not work on it. When I first got the phone it was fine when I signed in msn. And when I signed out I could not sign back in. And now whenever I try to sign in my msn it freezes and wont do anything. I have to take out my battery just to get my phone to work. Anyone know what the problem is? 😦

  86. im gvn da best settings 4 convrtn video:
    video codec=h263
    video syz=176*128
    video bitrate=128

    audio codec=amr_nb
    audio bitrate=0
    sample rate=8000HZ
    audio channel=mono

    video codec=mpeg-4
    video syz=176*128
    video bitrate=128

    audio codec=aac
    audio bitrate=24
    sample rate=44100
    audio channel=stereo

  87. i cant run ebuddy in my nokia 5610…i need to download java settings for it…any idea how can i do that…can anyone give me a website for downloading java settings?

  88. I have a nokia 5310 and I forgot the PIN (code) for it, I would like to regain access what can I do to get the PIN or to reset it?

  89. just wanna ask anyone….why my camera is on standby mood…i’ve already updating the firmware…but still like that…please anyone help me…

  90. please i have big problem , i bought a telephone nokia 5310 for telenor card , now when i want to use it in lebara , it ask to enter pin ccode , is there any software or any way to solve this problem .

  91. hi all,

    my new nokia 5610 was bought from Macau, i live in Philippines..

    How would I know if its original or china made??

  92. my nokia 5610 sometimes turns black screen about 1 second and then returns to its current display, these problem occurs randomly, help me.. thanks

  93. my phone switches off while listening to the musicfor a long time.also my set becomes alow while changing sim or memory card.What can i do for it ?plz send my reply soon .I’m in a great trouble and i have visited to the nokia care centre in india(motihari)but they r also not able to solve my problem .its just 3 months i got it.

  94. I need help. There are random black lines going across my Nokia 5310. The screen isnt cracked or anything. I think it is a firmware problem… I cant update the firmware because i have the latest, so I re-downloaded it and that didn’t do anything. Someone help me! reply to twolves15@gmail.com

  95. my 5300 is slow on loading music. i only have 500 songs on my memory card. is this really the case with 5300’s? when i choose a certain artist or playlist on the music player, it takes 10 minutes to load the songs. its really annoying.

  96. mi nokia5310 al tratar de acoplar a mi disposito xplod de sony delcarro via bluetooth me pide una contraseña le doy la de 12345 y me dice que no se pudo vincular que puedo hacer

  97. Hey…. i bought a New N5610 phone two months back……
    i hv a problem in retrieving the contacts frm my laptop to phone….. Give me a gud suggestion to do it as i m having a lot of trouble…….

  98. I have bought Nokia 5310 mobile.I cant hear the preloaded songs.
    Because it shows Packet data connection needed.it is not opening.

  99. Hi Guys can any one tell me any avi player suitable for 5310 Xprs Music,, it supports jar formats only i have searched a lot but couldnt find any player use full if any one have DIVX player pls post the site address it be thank full

  100. someone help me?
    pls help me on how to activete my gprs, mms, email settings? im a globe user… and i have 5310… and how to use opera mini, yahoo go etc…. pls help me,,,
    pls pls pls pls

  101. ive downloaded the all the setting from nokia but still nothing happens…\
    pls help me with this… i greatly appreciate it…
    advanced thank you

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