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As discussed before, Voice over IP also popularly known as VOIP, pertains to a communication protocol utilized under an Internet network. An Internet telephone involves the communication of several devices such as computers, ATA, IP phones, smartphones, and faxes within an IP network. In this post, we will be discussing how VOIP can be useful for businesses.

Why voip for business?

The advantage of using a voip system for business has become evident through the years. Improving network connection speeds makes them a more practical solution than traditional phone lines. This was the product of the ever improvement in the facilities for internet services throughout the years.
For a simple explanation, during a VOIP phone call, the audio is broken into a small data while being transmitted into the internet and by reaching the other line, it is converted back to an audio signal.

VoIP Small Business Phone Service Features?

For small businesses, Clarity offers flexible and wide plans with its voip system offerings. With its owned and maintained IP PBX system, Clarity has the capability of offering unique features for each every service plan.

Here is the list of the features that can be applied with a Clarity service plan:

• 1 line plus vFax, 4 linesplus vFax, or 6 lines plus vFax hosted VoIP systems or any other combination of lines with or without voice over IP phones.
• All of our VoIP for small business packages include online dashboard, voicemail with email deliverability, 3-way conferencing, caller ID/Block, call waiting, phone call recording, transfer capabilities, time of day routing, mobile connect, web phones, 911 service, and much more.
• Advanced Auto Attendant
• Live Answer Service
• Call Queue Management
• Phone Call Recording
• Voice and Fax Broadcasting
• Live Attendant Console
• Store Locator Service
• SIP Trunks & More

Determine which VoIP business phone system is right for your enterprise (quoting from the ClarityTel website)

Determining which VoIP business phone system and service is right for your company can entail the culmination of several different factors. Determining if you’re looking for scalability is one of those factors – and often a great reason to utilize voip for business and a hosted phone system. While being very scalable and affordable, voice over IP phones can also be very flexible.

Are you looking at setting everything up in the same location or are you in a scenario where many of your employees are working and calling in remotely? VoIP for small business allows you to still be all on the same VoIP system, utilizing the same central line with extensions if desired.

Are you looking at trying to re-use current voice over IP phones or hardware or are you wanting to purchase all newly updated voice over IP phones? All of these are decisions that play a part in determining which VoIP phone system and service is best fit your small business.

For more information about Clarity and its outstanding VOIP system offerings, kindly click the highlighted link to visit the site.



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