Clarity of Calls Assured in Cloud Based VOIP


Voice over IP also popularly known as VOIP, pertains to a communication protocol utilized under an Internet network. An Internet telephone involves the communication of several devices such as computers, ATA, IP phones, smartphones, and faxes within an IP network.

As of this time of writing, there are three ways to connect over VOIP:

Personal Computer – the most common, and easiest way to utilize a voip system. It is considered to be cost-effective since there are many providers offering free or low-priced international calls. In order to make calls, a user would need a computer with the proper software installed. A speaker and microphone are also required. Home consumers are advised to get a fast and stable internet connection for best results.

Clarity Ways To Use Diagram4

Analog Telephone Adaptor (ATA)
– the most conventional type of VOIP. ATA allows users to connect their existing standard phones to a computer or an active broadband line for routing with VOIP. While the latest ATA devices are connected on a plug and play way, some ATA voip system devices are bundled with additional software for configuration purposes.

IP Phones – These phones are primarily designed for VOIP use. They are usually similar to traditional phones but the difference is that they are able to connect directly to a computer or a router via the RJ-45 Ethernet slot. Wi-Fi enabled smartphones also fall into this category. Software makers for mobile phones have been developing applications for VOIP over the last decade. The results have been quite successful as the market for VOIP has grown a lot, especially in the year 2012.

Recently the initiative of some software firms like IBM and Amazon brought Cloud computing into the next level. Companies are now utilizing cloud VOIP in their businesses. This has allowed small and large enterprises to manage their call costs to a sizeable fraction. It is predicted that Cloud services could get a share boost in the voip system market by 2013.

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Published by Jonathan N. on April 23, 2013


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