Advantages of Network Attached Storage Systems Explained


A network storage device also known as network attached storage (NAS) is a computer data storage server linked up to a computer meshwork, allowing data access in between computers within the network. Referred to as a computer device that allows seamless data and file transfers across networks, it also serves as a remote control center for software maintenance tasks.

Some of the well-known advantages of this technology include; better file access speeds, intuitive administrative configurations, and it can be possibly configured to share files only to assigned computers in the network. These devices are enclosed on a case similar to an HTPC which can contain one or more hard drives, formatted into a RAID array setup.

The standard data sharing protocols under NAS are:
Network File System (NFS) – designed for UNIX coded operating systems
Server Message Block (SMB) – runs under the Microsoft Windows Network Framework
Common Internet File System (CIFS) – also runs under the Windows Network Framework
Apple Filing Protocol (AFP) – protocol for Mac OS X computers

According to Digiliant, the flexibility of a network storage server against a storage area network server as quoted; “A network storage device has the flexibility and capability to be custom tailored to meet individual business storage needs without becoming a budget buster. These devices perform many of the same functions as larger and more expensive storage area network devices.”


An NAS will also incorporate iSCSI technology without incurring the same expenses that a full scale SAN solution would require. By using this technology, remote workers can securely access files located on the NAS device from any location.”

“Depending on network size and data storage needs, a network storage server can often be an economical and smart alternative to deploying a full scale SAN. These devices can provide centralized storage for files and allow remote users’ access to files stored at an offsite location.” it added.

To learn more about NAS products and their possible benefits to your company, Check it out here.



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