Rounding up External Battery Cases for Smartphones

530767_10151221554892724_1725014866_nWithout any doubt, the Smartphones of this current generation are simply powerful. They can now do several things you want it to do, and it allows people to carry a single device as opposed to before when a different device was required for each function. A modern smartphone can do almost everything regarding your daily computing needs: function as an alarm clock, camera, calculator, flashlight, gaming device, gps, photo album, web browser, video recorder, voice recorder, radio, word processor, and allow you to e-mail etc.

The more the device is capable of doing various tasks at the same time, the more power is required thus adding strain on the battery. Users will find it a letdown when their battery runs down before they can reach a power outlet. Different companies have since come up with solutions to prolong the running time usage for power hungry devices.

In this article we will round up external battery cases for different devices. First will be Mugen for Nokia Lumia 920 – this cover provides power of around 2200 mAh and is expected to double the talk time hours. The cover itself has its own dedicated buttons and allows easy access for all connectivity ports.


Second is the Rokit Boost V1.0 Battery Case for iPhone 4/4S. It is lightweight and slim being only 0.5 inches thick. This iPhone 4 Battery Case comes with a built in kickstand for easy viewing on landscape orientation, and also allows users to sync and charge on the go. The battery is rated to charge 1450 to 1500 mAh capacity which should provide:

• Standby time of up to 270 hours
• Talk time is up to 6 hours on 3G/
• Internet surfing of up to 5 hours on 3G/ 10 hours Wi-Fi
• Audio play of up to 36 hours
• Video playback of up to 9 hours

You can see products here by clicking on the link.



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