FrontierUS offers top notch network and server machines


IBM rs 6000 is a group of server machines composed of workstations and supercomputers based mainly on RISC and UNIX architecture. Built by IBM in the 90’s, it was the first machine to utilize both newly released chips carrying the brand PowerPC and POWER.

Initial rs 6000 machines were designed to run under Micro Channel technology but newer models were made capable to use PCI express technology. Units were offered in desk side, rack mount, and laptop configurations.

Types of RS 6000 units are:

PowerServer – x86 platform based computer server

Scalable POWERparallel – comes with PSSP (perl based) includes High Performance Switch (HPS) for inter node communication.

PowerStation – based on IBM’s Power Architecture line.

Notably, the ASCI White supercomputer with the Power3 processor was recorded as the fastest computer in span of three years (2000-2002).


FrontierUS specializes in providing the best used cisco equipment through industry leading service and support. It offers the common router units 1700, 1800, 2600, 2800, 3600, 3700, 3800, 7200, 7500, and 7600. High-end unit offering composes of the Cisco ASR 9000 Series, 10000 ESR Series, and 12000 GSR Series.

For network security needs, CISCO ASA5500 Series is on the shelves catalog. Companies looking to invest on IP telephony can choose from different IP telephony gadgets such as the 7905, 7910, 7940, and 7960 lines. High-end models Cisco 7910 Phone with 10/100 Base-T Switch, and the Cisco IP Conference Station 7935 are also in the product base.

Internet providers looking to upgrade their optical networks can switch to ONS or 1545 Multiservice Provisioning Platforms. Additional equipment upgrades in other areas such as Wireless Base Stations, Access Points, Card Bus / PCI Adapters, and Bridges can be customized according to the preferred setup of the company.

Offices especially those involved in the IT and call center industry can upgrade their network backbone by the use of switches Cisco EOL Switches, Catalyst 2900, Catalyst 2950, Catalyst 3500, Catalyst 4500, Metro Ethernet, and Nexus.

Browse some other products offered – click here to see all kinds of options.

Frontier Computer Corporation takes pride in their IT hardware solutions and their knowledgeable and experienced technical staff members. Other services include the Information Technology Asset Recovery Solutions. The company also provides on-site maintenance service and support, and also specializes in worldwide logistics capabilities to receive and deliver orders across USA and Europe based countries.



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