Opera Mini has over 130 Million user-base worldwide

Opera Mini, the most popular mobile browser in the world, has had over 131 million users in September, a recent report from Opera Software shows.

The mobile browser is available for download on a wide range of devices, with support for over 3,000 handset models. It is also available on popular mobile OS flavors out there. Opera Mini was designed to provide users with speed when browsing the Internet, as well as with important savings. The mobile application packs compression technology from Opera, through which is compresses web pages by up to 90 percent before sending them to handsets.

Thus, both users and wireless carriers benefit, since browsing the Internet on Opera Mini means less data usage and less string on wireless networks. The aforementioned report from Nokia focused on Europe this month. According to it, the top ten countries using the browser were United Kingdom, Poland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Romania, Serbia, France, Hungary and Czech Republic. “For September, Hungary and Romania led the growth race for the greatest number of Opera Mini users, while Hungary and Serbia showed the most page-view growth,” Opera notes.

“For the most data-hungry countries, Hungary and Spain topped the list, meaning they viewed the most data-intensive pages, e.g., sites with lots of pictures.” Users accessed 11.6 petabytes of uncompressed data on Opera Mini during September, the report shows.

Moreover, the report was focused on analyzing usage differences between the owners of Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, and Windows Phone devices. The report was also taking into consideration usage on feature phones.

Data from the AdMarvel Open Audience Network shows:

– Windows Phone users are more likely to visit email and communications sites compared to users of other platforms.
– Are Android users more educated than users of the other platforms? Maybe, as they are the biggest group in the Education category. Education includes the websites for universities and general education.
– Android users are the least likely to visit social media websites using their browser.

[Via Softpedia]


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