Nokia Live View AR Browser gets updated

In addition to announcing new handsets running under Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform and the availability of a series of applications and services for them, Nokia also announced updated apps for Symbian phones, and the Nokia Live View browser was one of them.

The application comes with a nice range of new features and offers support for all handsets that run under the Symbian S^3 OS, as well as for those based on Symbian Anna and Belle. The application has been already tested on smartphones like Nokia C7, Nokia E7 and Nokia N8, and might also work on Nokia C6-01, Nokia C7 Astound and Nokia X7, though it was not verified on them.

What the browser is all about is very simple: users will simply have to look through the phone’s camera viewfinder, and the application will offer a new way of seeing things. Live View will display points of interest on the handset’s small screen, and will offer users the possibility to easily find what they are looking for, regardless whether that is a coffee shop, an ATM, or a train station.

The new flavor of the mobile browser brings along features like:

– Live View is now available in several views – Camera viewfinder view, List view, Maps view. Accessible via screen navigation circles on the menu bar

– Settings to configure the distance in Miles vs. Kilometers

– Search and My Stuff – Search for a place and access previously searched items from My Stuff

– Places grouping – when many places are located at the same location they are grouped and can be accessed by expanding the group

– Browse through the Famous Places around the world

– Scrollable List view sorted by distance with places details and orientation

– A single click access to Call, View Ratings, Walk, Drive or Share the place

– Layout, UI and performance improvements.

You can get the beta here – Nokia City Live View.

[Via: Softpedia Technology]


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