The Finnish Giant, Nokia, has now unveiled some new prefixes for their upcoming phones – in the prefixes of C – X – E – N -S. They were somewhat running short in their naming schemes in the past few years and finally filled it up to refresh its whole product portfolio. Here are the following definitions for each corresponding letter type:

C Series:

These are the entry level phones for low-mid end market segment.

>Entry level S60 3rd Ed phones – the upcoming C5-XX and low-end S40 series phones (Where dual sim phones might enter).

X Series:

This is to shorten the previous XpressMusic catalog. Youth-oriented handsets for affordable music handset on the go.

>First waves with the X3 – s40 and X6 – S60 5th Ed based.

E Series:

Business oriented phones and for those who like productivity on the go – for emails, documents, and presentations on the go.

>Current roster: The qwerty equipped E75, feature packed E72, and the lightweight E52.

N Series:

Introduced since 2005. Mainly concentrated with full featured multimedia and business phones. Incorporates touchscreens and all-in-one devices. Mostly for high-end markets.

Current roster: N97, N97 mini, N86 8MP, and N900 Internet Tablet.

S Series:

Stands for Sirocco handsets – phones which are remarkably expensive.

Current roster: N8800 Sirocco Carbon Arte