This is it!

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Dubbed as the fastest and safest browser, Opera, has finally reached its tenth development milestone. Featuring the mostly anticipated one push Turbo button, visual tabs and the refreshing new look. listed the new features on its new version 10.0:

  • Boost slow connection speeds with Opera Turbo.
  • Preview Web sites in thumbnails with visual tabs.
  • Enjoy browsing with the beautiful, new design.
  • It is free!

Innovative compression technology

The real world does not have fast Internet everywhere. Switch on Opera Turbo and use our powerful servers to compress Web pages, so you get them faster. It is perfect for that crowded Wi-Fi or when connecting through your mobile phone.

Faster and future-proofed

The new Opera Presto 2.2 engine is up to 40% faster on resource-intensive pages, such as Gmail and Facebook. In addition, with an Acid3 100/100 score, Web Fonts, RGBA/HSLA color and SVG improvements, Opera 10 is ready for next-generation Web applications.

Design and craftsmanship

We created Opera 10 to use system resources intelligently and to give you the best possible performance on your computer. With an elegant under-the-hood architecture and a beautiful, new skin, Opera 10 feels, looks and runs better than ever.

To know more about Opera Browser and to download the latest version please refer to the links below.