Nokia’s N900 Might Not Appeal to Networks

Due to it’s OS nature


Mobile Giant Nokia might have set up its newly announced Nokia N900 Internet tablet into the wrong track. Some networks had expressed that they might not stock the new devices, which will result the N900 struggling as it won’t sell as much as other Nokia’s do. Most Nokia high-end do sell from phone contracts,  if this pushes through Nokia will have a hard time dealing with it.

An article from Softpedia:

Espoo, Finland-based mobile phone maker Nokia seems to be rather skeptical when it comes to the success its newly unveiled Nokia N900 Internet Tablet would have on the market. According to the company, networks might not be attracted to stock the new devices, which means that the N900 won’t sell as well as other Nokia phones on the market do.

According to a recent article on Mobile News, Nokia executive vice president Kari Tuutti stated that the N900 comes with a user interface that does not enable customizations like network applications, which means that it should be quite difficult for the handset maker to find carriers that are willing to accept the device as it is.

“We have a good, long lasting relationship with the networks, but we understand that they may not be happy with the user interface because it cannot be customized,” is what Tuutti reportedly stated. Moreover, it seems that the N900 is only the fourth-generation Internet Tablet that comes from a five generation program from the maker.

According to Nokia executive vice president and general manager of multimedia Anssi Vanjoki, although the device is a very attractive and powerful one, its sales might be affected by this state of facts, especially considering the fact that a fifth generation Internet tablet device from Nokia could surface in the future. “We have one step to go before we will have what we believe is the future of computers,” he added.

Starting with the Nokia 770, the company has made great progress in the Internet Tablet area, yet it seems that the future might bring even more evolution. Based on Vanjoki’s sayings, we should expected for the Finnish maker to announced another such device in the following months or years, yet no time frame has been unveiled. For what it’s worth, the N900 sounds like a great deal for the moment, and users might be attracted to it and its Maemo 5 OS, even if things can get better.


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