Interbrand’s Best Global Brands 2009 Rankings, Nokia is at 5

Nokia steadily remained at 5 for the last three years

Interbrand, an international brand consultancy, have released the Best Global Brand rankings for this year 2009. Coca-Cola and Mcdonald’s are both having the lead in the fast food category despite the recession. IBM, Microsoft, Google and Nokia were also in the top ten. Google being the biggest winner climbing from 10th to 7th spot apart from getting 25% boost on it’s brand value. Nokia has always been consistent in getting into the top five for the last three years. Despite the downfall of the technology demand, computer hardware giant Intel still gained the 9th spot from the last years 7th.

Top 10 global brands and values in US$:

Current – Last Year – 2009 Brand Value

1. (1) Coca-Cola 68.7 billion
2. (2) IBM 60.2 billion
3. (3) Microsoft 56.6 billion
4. (4) GE 47.7 billion
5. (5) Nokia 34.8 billion
6. (8) McDonald’s 32.2 billion
7. (10) Google 31.9 billion
8. (6) Toyota 31.3 billion
9. (7) Intel 30.6 billion
10. (9) Disney 28.4 billion

Go to Interbrand for the complete list.


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