Smart BRO Fixed Plan 999 Now at 512 Kbps

Unlimited broadband gets much more faster and stronger Reportedly, the $550-million Asia-America Gateway (AAG) cable project has been completed this month, giving the way for the commercial operation of a 20,000-kilometer-long fiber-optic cable network, according to PLDT. A gateway that will enable the phone giant to offer much faster plans and to have more additional ports new subscribers. It is also intended to replace retiring cables in the region. In effect of the recent upgrade, Smart BRO had announced that it’s Fixed Plan 999 will be now at a faster speed at 512 Kbps faster than the recent 384 Kbps output rate. More info after the hop

More information about the recent Plan 999 Upgrade:

Speed : Up to 512 kbps (New and improved speed)
No. of Hours use : Unlimited
Connection : Fixed wireless connection (FREE Installation Fee)
Requirements : Subscriber Application Form, Proof of Identification.
Total Initial Payment : Php 999.00
Lock-in Period : 12 months

My 384kbps plan used to give me around 30-40 kbps of download speed, while as of this time writing, it’s pegging now at around 45-60 kbps. Granted, this plan never gave me an erratic problem eversince is to be worth every thousand I paid for it monthly. With my plan ends it’s 1-year contract, I might give it another for another year. Well done.

UPDATE: Please kindly refer to this page for more information.


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