Nokia 5610 v 9.40 Firmware Log

nokia-5610-pink-slideNokia 5610 v9.40 Firmware

> Video player full screen mode bug fixed
> Slight battery life improvement
>Much more richer improved UI

Things that still needs to be fixed:

> Sounds muddy when set to high equaliser levels – with stereo widening turned on
> Unsoundly when stereo widening is turned off
> Popping sound problem on the loudspeaker got worse (Every 3-5 seconds it pops out)

> Gets distorted unexpectedly

> Mediocre quality since the 6.60 update. 4.81 camera update is way more better.

*Versions may vary per region. Some still have 8.30, 6.60 or even 4.81 as their latest update.

Visit to update your phone software

Disclaimer: This is based on the XpressMusic team observations.  Firmware versions may vary per region.


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