Nokia 5310 with 16GB microSDHC


Picture showing Nokia 5310 with 16GB microSDHC fully working on it.

Credits to ninetothesky!



  1. how in the world is that possible. maybe possible but haven’t tried yet. i am unsure to buy 4gb microSDHC ‘coz salesladies told me some phones don’t work upon using the 4gb microSDHC don’t want to waste money on that…

  2. Does n5310 have native support for 16GB cards? I heard that it only supports 4GB cards max, so how that’s possible? Kind of a software hack or I’ve got bad info?

  3. Hi,

    Apparently the MicroSD is not available in Nairobi, Kenya(Africa) If any outlet is available please infrom me…or any1 who is hawking it at eb@yt?


    +2540735921192 or

  4. 4Bg/8Gb/16Gb work perfectly fine. In theory if a device supports anything above 2Gb, then most probably it will support all other SDHC (4-32Gb) cards. Although I haven’t tried a 16Gb SD, but my 8Gb SanDisk card works perfectly fine.

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