Staying connected has never been this rewarding!

img01Nokia is proud to introduce the Nokia Standard Chartered Card. A unique card that combines two necessities in today´s world − your mobile phone and your credit card.



According to the Standard Chartered site, the Nokia Standard Chartered Card, includes several features that you will enjoy:

* 10% cash rebate* on prepaid load transactions
Convenient prepaid loading via a simple text message and charged to your credit card.
Get a 10% cash rebate on all prepaid load transactions completed through the Prepaid Load Facility.

* 5% cash rebate* on postpaid mobile phone bills
Automatically charge your monthly bill to your credit card via EZ Bills.
Get a 5% cash rebate on mobile phone bills charged to EZ Bills.

* 0.5% cash rebate*
On all purchases** charged to your credit card.

* Nokia Best Deals Program
Savings on Nokia phones exclusively for Nokia Standard Chartered Cardholders.