Nokia 5310 v8.32 Firmware

You can get the latest firmware for your Nokia 5310 right here!

Changes and Additions

  • To be updated soon

Update Links:

Online Update for unlocked phones(SIM-Free)

Before you start, make sure you have met these requirements:

To install and run Nokia Software Updater application:
PC with 1GHz or higher Pentium-compatible processor
At least 256 MB of RAM (memory)
Windows 2000 (SP4 or later) or Windows XP (SP1 or SP2) or Windows Vista
Administration rights on the PC while installing
High-speed internet connection

To connect your phone to a PC:

Fully charged, compatible Nokia phone
Compatible Nokia USB connection cable
Compatible USB port on your PC

Step 2/2: Back-up data

Personal data such as contacts, photos and messages stored in the phone memory will be deleted during phone software update. It is strongly recommended that you backup this data to your memory card before updating your phone software.

To backup to your memory card:
select Tools > Memory from the main menu
select Options > Backup phone mem.

To restore info to phone memory:
select Tools > Memory from the main menu
select Options > Restore from card

Now click on the link below to proceed with the update



  1. Only just got V7.01 earlier this week!! Nice to see another one already…or is it nice…we shall soon see! Tell you later!

  2. Well I hope someone can find some updates because I can’t! Everything seems the same as v7.01 🙂 Not that that is a bad thing.

  3. Sorry, I don’t understand something. I have a Nokia 5310. When I consult the version of the software with *#0000# I get Nokia 5310 XpressMusic V03.36. I already tried to do an upgrade but 03.36 seems to be the last versión available in Nokia. Why you say v8.32 Firmware? How I can update my firmware to that version? Where I’m wrong?

    Sorry for my english

    PS: My phone restart unexpectly when I’m listen music. I already read the thereon post.
    Juan Matías

  4. i am not able to update my firmware v 5.01 to the latest v8.01.
    and even if i am updating its the same version 5.01′;

  5. I didn’t find any update from the above link or using by nokia software update……..I have 5.81 version on my 5310 phone. I cant able to get any updates. plz help

  6. hey did u get that firmware when nokia does not even list firmware version over 5.81???? NSU reports firmware is 5.81 and its the latest one…i smell something fishy here 😐

  7. It depends on the country you’re in and whether your network is permitting the firmware update. I’m on Orange UK and it’s fine. Only thing is my phone doesn’t vibrate anymore! Will reinstall it again and see if that sorts it. What a shame!

    (Hope it Helps)
    I have Nokia 5310 XpressMusic (India) phone. This is a very cool phone and came with the 5.81 version. I recently updated my phone to the 8.32 version. I expected a few changes like the improvement of the Quality of EQUALISER, which is there but not up to the mark,still the sound burst out and they havent created the Equaliser to the one that is in Nokia 5610 xpressMusic. There is no hanging problem that i have faced yet…n for god sake it shouldnt happen with the new firmware. I expected the Stereo Widening effect to be there in the phone which is still not there(VERY DISSATISFYING). Though there is no effect on the sound quality of the phone….that is the same as before.
    No Camera Improvements. If you put your camera to the Landscape Mode and then close the camera…and then restart the camera the camera starts from the potrait view again.i.e it does not store the setting for the future use.

    So, To conclude,Nokia’s update from 5.81 to 8.32 is like a useless update, Nokia might have corrected some hanging or automatic switching off problem(which was not very prominent in the previous Firmware), n stay happy with the older firmware as it is not very easy and reliable to update.

  9. If your nokia 5310 restarts when you lisen to music or the speakers and loud speaker arent loud enough, then you need to UPDATE TO V.32 from the nokia website.follow the instructions its soo easy.
    when i first gt my nokia it was something like 3.xx but then i upgraded till 8.32 and the difference is amazing.its like a completely better/newer phone. the updates are really important as they gt rid of all the bad things.

    the main differences is that the phone doesnt restart when you lisen to music, the loudspeaker is SO MUCH LOUDER.its over twice as loud.they have even edited the equaliser so the music comes out even more clearer.its better quality than any other device, even ipods & sony walkmans.
    the fonts in the menu and music player are also clearer and more stylish.

    if you want to get rid of all the problems on your nokia 5310 xpressmusic, go to the nokia website and follow the can thank me later.
    i use to hate my 5310 and was almost about to sell it but then i updated it and now its probably the best investment ive ever made.the music is 10times as clearer and louder after you update and all the errors are gone.
    please, make the nokia 5310 find its true potential by updating it for FREE at the nokia website.
    some regions of the world have the update and some dont.just enter the code it asks you to on the back of ur phone and it will tell you if you can update or not. its easy and free so do it now x

  10. Sorry. I do not know it is a correct place to leave my comment. If it is wrong, please advise me.

    I am a user of nokia 5310 in Hong Kong. I have updated the software to 8.32 from 7.01 last day. Now, I find a problem.

    I cannot start the digital or analog clock as screen saver in V8.32.

    I am using a photo as wallpaper and the wallpaper is always display. It seem no matter I select what type of screen saver, it do not start.

  11. I have recently updated to ver 8.32 (23-07-08) from ver 5.x

    Here are the major changes I’ve noticed till now:

    The sound through is much clearer and louder.

    The sound through speakers remain same as ver. 5.x

    The Alarm clock does not have a NEXT button, instead its save.

    No freezing/restarting during music playback.

    Sound is damn clear. Equilizers very sensitive.

    Progress bar added to Radio while searching (not sure whether this was there before)

    Clearer fonts in media player

    Loads of free ringtones.


  12. Correction:

    “The sound through is much clearer and louder.”

    is actually

    “The sound through headphones is much clearer and louder.”

  13. Can any one help me .I installed v 8.32 firmware and i had a black screen i do not know what’s happened

    Please if any one can support ….

  14. I agree wid;
    Souvik Says:
    October 24, 2008 at 7:11 am …..

    Thats all right wat he said…coz i even jus updated it..but
    Progress bar wasn’t added to was previously there….
    Thankx….cheers all.!>!>must update it…its really cool!

  15. my dedicated music keys arent working. i put my phone in my pocket and when i took it out the music keys had come off 😦 and when i fitted a new case the music keys on the left hand side arent working or even pushing in. i think a bubble thing over the microchip has come off on all 3 buttons. im going tomorrow to get it fixed hope it isnt expensive though.
    this phone really is great but at the beginning they had software problems. they also need to make stronger metal cases for it.plastic is cheap to me…

  16. 1-st I`m sorry for my bad english. 🙂
    I had 3.60 on my phone when I bought it. A lot of problems, so I update it to 5.81 And everything become perfect. After 1 month I checked and I found a new version 8.32 and I updated it again. And this is the problem! After the last update (8.32) I get this problem. Sometimes when somebody is calling to me, on the screen is showing only the number, without the name, like Unknown number. But I have this number in the contact list with name.
    So for me this is one bad difference between 5.81 and 8.32

  17. Guys i got a big problem with v8.32 i updated the software and says i don’t have network covery and on other phones works… plzz help me

  18. Hey..pls help me,
    when i record videos in my nokia 5310 it log every 1 or every seconds..
    If I update my phone in v8.32, is my phone’s video improve or much clearer?

    Help me!s0s!

  19. i bought my nokia 5310 xpressmusic just last week.. its a black 5310 XM and already comes with firmware v8.32.. and im not having the restarting issues til now.. ^^,

  20. hi my firmware was upgraded to 8.32 at a service center…any1 notice these changes?
    gallery name changed to media album
    media changed to media apps
    web changed to orange
    log changed to call history
    contacts changed to adress book
    is der a problem in mine or does evry1 hav that??

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