Seven Prisoners Hospitalised After Hiding Mobile Phones in Their Bodies

Pakistan’s Prisons Department has carried out a series of sweeps of prisoners at Camp Jail using metal detectors and seized 30 mobile phones which had been hidden in their rectums. Seven of the prisoners had to have medical intervention to remove the phones. Camp Jail Superintendent Gulzar Ahmad Butt said that the mobile phones had been found during a physical search of the prisoners and when they were screened with metal detectors.

The identity of the seven men has been made public via the prison notice board and they have been placed in chakkis (small cells where a person can only sit or stand) as punishment.

The phenomena of prisoners and prison visitors concealing phones and other forbidden items inside their body is fairly commonplace. Hiding phones inside the body is not without its dangers though – and last June, a UK prisoner was admitted to hospital after he hid a mobile phone inside his body and was unable to expel it later. He had to have over 200 internal stitches and the doctors had to remove part of his bladder.

A Prison Service spokeswoman said at the time “It is now well established that prisoners can and do secrete mobile phones in body cavities.”

Could you see the irony there?

Via: JustAMP


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