Nokia N96 is now available for pre-order

In the Nokia UK online shop

Nokia fans the wait is finally over. Nokia UK Online Shop is now accepting pre-orders for the much anticipated Nokia N96 flagship phone. Surprisingly, the price is lower(£535.00) than the expected price of £600 – £700 as been quoted by many several sites. So it won’t take long until october for this phone to be on the shelves. The main reasons for this price lowdown and an much more earlier release may be well attributed to many things – this will be explained after the hop.

In my insights about this, there are several factors that affected the price and launch date. These are the following.

1.) The new iPhone 3G already went out last week in several countries. So if I were Nokia, I would do the same plan of making the N96 released much more earlier. Perhaps, who wants to lose potential customers? Anyone?

2.) There is a certain hype surrounding among three new announced high-end phone – namely the SE C905, Samsung INNOV8 and the LG KC910. All of them got an 8 Megapixel snapper.

3.) Lastly, the others would think the N96 would be pitted as outdated if they would release it on a later date.

Information below is from the Nokia N96 product page.

Nokia N96 – Designed for video and TV entertainment

Designed for great video and live TV. Turn on and enjoy prime time mobile entertainment that suits your schedule.

Price includes 3 months navigation and an N-Gage game.

If you would prefer not to preorder this device, please click here to register your details, and we will notify you when the N96 is on sale.



  1. Buen día me gustaría saber cuando puedo adquirir en los estados unidos de norteamérica el celular n96 no para Europa Sí para los EEUU. y qué precio tendría.

    Good day I would like to know where I can purchase in the U.S. mobile N96 Yes to Europe not to the USA. and what price would be.

  2. N96 might be made in Romania; Nokia moved their factory from Bohum, Germany to Cluj, Romania at the end of 2007.
    Cluj has a good engineering based University and labor is cheap. Don’t take my word for it, it’s just a hunch.

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