Impulse NPX-9000 – world’s cheapest laptop finally hits the shelves

£65 for low-spec UMPC


According to Pocket-Lint, Taiwanese computer vendor Carapelli is offering what it claims is the world’s cheapest laptop, priced at a mere £65. Now that’s what I call cheap UMPC for the masses. It is now safe to say at least everyone can now afford to buy a basic laptop.

As for the screen, The Impulse NPX-9000, which has a 7-inch screen like the original Asus Eee, is available to retailers now from the wholesale site in orders of 100 pieces minimum.

Spec is admittedly low – so far winning the race to the bottom – with a 400MHz processor, 128MB RAM and 1GB of flash storage and runs Linux with word processing, spreadsheet and media applications.

Other specs include an SD card slot, VGA port, three USB ports, a mini USB port, 80-key keyboard and touchpad and an external USB LAN or optional 802.11g Wi-Fi dongle.

[Source: Pocket-lint UK]


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