New SuperClubs Resort Opens in Jamaica

Superclub is a term used to refer to a nightclub owned and managed by a dance music record label, such as The Hacienda club, which was owned by Factory Records. The term has also been used to describe large, multistory, high-capacity high-profile nightclubs, such as Pacha in Ibiza or 1970s discotheques such as Studio 54.

House superclubs such as Twilo in the US opened in 1990, other massive House superclubs such as The Haçienda in Manchester opened in 1986, and the Ministry Of Sound in London opened in 1991. These clubs became more popular in the early 1990s. Examples include Gatecrasher, Godskitchen, Mansion, Crobar, Paradise Garage and The End. In The US, Crobar has clubs in Chicago and NYC. Other high profile US Superclubs include Cielo (NYC), Pacha (NYC), Centrofly (NYC), Ikon (NYC), Bungalow 8 (NYC), Vision (Chicago), Sound Bar (Chicago), MIGHTY (San Francisco), Mezzanine (San Francisco), Myth (Minneapolis), The Church (Denver), Pure (Las Vegas),(Las Vegas(Las Vegas), Tao (Las Vegas), Mansion, Prive, Opium Gardens (The Opium Group) (Miami), Avalon/Avaland (Boston/Los Angeles), Balance (Los Angeles), KING KING (Los Angeles), Belo (San Diego), Fur (Washington D.C.), and 1015 (San Francisco).

British Superclubs include The Syndicate (Blackpool), Fabric (London), Turnmills (London)(Recently closed down) the Arc (Brighton), The Zap (Brighton), Gin Rummy (Brighton) and The Egg (London). The Ministry Of Sound has their main club in London, with international clubs in Ayia Napa and as far a field as Sydney Australia. There is also soon going to be a new superclub called Oceana opening in July Southampton, which will accommodate up to 4,500 people, once opened this will be the biggest nightclub in the United Kingdom.

German superclubs tend to play trance or techno music. Superclubs like Berghain are often situated in industrial areas, especially in suburbs of big towns or near freeways or expressways. These superclubs are in Germany called “Grossraumdiskothek” and are often visited by people coming from larger distances to them by car.

The term “superclub” is also used to describe large, multistory, high-capacity high-profile nightclubs. Pacha in Ibiza, which opened in 1973, is an early example of a superclub-style nightclub. Pacha has branches in London, New York City and Buenos Aires. Annabel’s in London was also one of the earlier superclubs and Studio 54 in New York City (both of which are now closed) were also early superclubs.

Now superclubs are now being brought to Jamaica in all inclusive resorts. It’s all about adult vacations with your friends, relatives and colleagues. Just remember, for your holiday vacation plans, make sure you include Negril, Jamaica on your destination.

[Some info’s are from WikiPedia.]


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