New Florida Country Music Stations on HD Radio

HD Radio is the latest advancement of radio industry. HD Radio technology allows radio stations to broadcast their radio programming with a higher quality digital sounds. Listeners can now enjoy  that kind of technology nowadays, it’s now like having an  mp3 player on the go – mainly because of the sound quality.  We will talk about  more of this after the hop

HD Radio is Free, and it is Here! Are you ready for it?

All listeners can now listen to new country music stations and other genre that can surely suit up making them happy all the time. Users can just simply hook up into the Florida High Definition Radio stations which has a overall good reception across nationwide. With the mainly use of Polk Audio I-sonic ES2 consumers can enjoy more hi-fi quality broadcasts and hi priority channel to ensure the best reception they could get.

HD Radio Difference

  • Crystal clear digital sound with HD Radio
    Hear FM radio with near CD-quality sound
    Higher quality sound with AM radio
    More programming option from your station with multicasting
    Realtime program information including song title and artists
    Static free over the air digital reception
    Best of all HD Radio is FREE and now available in most market

Some info’s are gathered from :


One comment

  1. Do you think HD radios are worth it? I am looking at a Jensen (I think a similar to the Polk you mentioned but cheaper) but wondering if worth paying extra for HD. This site seems to be OK and indicates HD radio works, but I read conflicting things. Thoughts? thanks

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