Nokia N78 – Luxury redefined once again

Nokia had been going onto the navi-wheel bandwagon for the past few Nseries releases. This time, Nokia N78 is on the line to follow the recent music centric N81 phone. Gearing with powerful functionalities including the FM transmitter which is the first in the entire Nokia catalog. It’s quite amazing that this phone has a weightless factor which dramatically made the phone handy as some slimline handsets available in the market. Well, i guess this is just a small portion of the review. So just hop around and we will talk about this exciting phone after the hop.


The N78’s design is quite identical to what we have seen on the N81. We can easily say this phone is part of the glossy slick line phone parade in the Nseries division. The design overall is just amazing expect for this phone to be susceptible to fingerprints all the time, although it doesn’t spoil much of everything on it. Business minded people will love more this device, and for people who those like handy devices on the go.

Keypad-Keymat-Navigation Keys

Warning for those users who used to be a text addict or using phones with a large keypad. This phone is not just simply for you as we speak. Might be ideal for people with small fingers, but for the majority of users I pretty sure it won’t be easy for them to shift on this miniature keypad similar to those found on the N82. Unless you can play with it, at least you can get in through it on a few days of using it. In with regards with the navigation keys, we have to admit on some occasions we can hardly press any of the keys especially the keys near the numerical keypad. Sometimes it gets unresponsive, but I believe this will be addressed on the new batch of stocks as we’ve only got the beta prototype version as of this time. Navi-wheel also got a noticeable improvement over the previous found on the N81, but some users complain such sensitivity, but again let’s hope this will be finally addressed on the new batch of N78 phones.


The N78 sports a large 2’4inch screen with a typical resolution of 240×320. The screen has a bright 16Million color display which is pretty good for the sight, and it’s eyepopping display can make your friends wow. It’s an ideal PMP for watching videos on the go – you get that crisp and clear similar to those LCD screens can display.We can’t find any fault on the screen, it’s just simply amazing.

I’ll make a separate post for each review category I made for the N78, so things like camera, music and other multimedia will be soon to follow in other following posts. Just stay tuned. Hope you enjoy the review.


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