AI Robotics: Perfect Woman

Girl will be delivered to your doorstep…

Looking for your perfect girl to be a wife soon? AI Robotics has come up with a nice invention out of their labs. The Perfect Woman, perfectly made just to live like a real woman. Can speak, read, eat, and can interact just the way people do. Not to mention it’s brain chip embedding her a 130 IQ memory! Simply you can just imagine how your perfect woman can look like. More of this after the hop.

Perfect-woman is based on the RKS technology developed by AI Robotics.

RKS technology is based on man’s 3 main senses: the sense of touch, the sense of sight and the sense of hearing. Through RKS the robot becomes highly autonomous and requires hardly any human intervention, except for training purposes.

The sense of touch: Lisa’s surface is covered by thousands of micro-sensors. Each of these sensors has a special function. Some measure temperature, others register proximity and touch. The data of each sensor alone is not very helpful, but combined all the gathered bits of information provide valuable results. By analysing the temperate and touch sensors’ data Lisa can for example distinguish her proprietor from other people.

This information is just a little bit of chunky bits for the price, hmm, i haven’t confirmed it yet….more to follow.


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