MSI Wind rolls out to boot Asus EEE PC

Is this the real Asus EEE PC killer? Well, I guess so. This will be much more significant because of the promised Intel “ATOM” processor embedded on it. Means this will be more faster than the current UMPC devices that carries the VIA ones. More of this great ultraportable laptop after the hop.

This is an article from WikiPedia:

The MSI Wind PC is a subnotebook computer designed by Micro-Star International (MSI). It was first announced at CeBIT 2008, and first listed for pre-orders on 9th May 2008. There will be 8- and 10-inch versions supporting a relatively high resolution of 1024×600. Storage will be via a 80GB 2.5-inch hard drive with solid-state drive likely to be an option later on; 1 GB of RAM will be standard. Pricing is currently at £349 for the XP version and £319 for the Linux version, which is on the low end of the initial estimate of between £299 to £699 when first announced. The price points for the UMPC for US market have also been released. The SuSe Linux version will cost $399 and the Windows XP version will cost $550. Only the 10″ LCD model will be available for the US market. Online retailer Expansys is currently taking pre-orders on their U.S. website, with pricing inflated to $604 for the Windows XP version and $560 for the Linux version.

It will feature one of the new Intel Atom 45-nm processors running at 1.6 GHz. Also featured is Bluetooth, WLAN and a 1.3MP camera. The Wind PC is seen as MSI’s response to the successful ASUS Eee PC. It will feature full support for Linux and Windows XP Home Edition, but it will not support Windows Vista. The device may fall into a newly defined category of Netbooks.

The MSI wind is expected to hit the shelves out this early summer probably on the first week of June 2008. I’m deciding between this and the EEE PC 901, but the cheaper in this two will win my dearly cash. Stay tuned for more in the following weeks.

Pictures via: IdBlue and Wikipedia


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