XpressMusic Hops on it’s first year!

Hopping for more yearzz!

This should be an obligatory post since this marks XpressMusic Corner blog’s first year round up! We’re very happy to get it through this far. First, I wanted to thank my friend especially Sir MiGs who suggested me to create a blog here in wordpress – who trusted me along the way and the XpressMusic brand that inspired me to create this blog. Second, my Nokia peers along the forums that made me a better speaker and a blogger. Third, for my real-life counterpart inspiration – I really miss you ;). Lastly, for those I haven’t mentioned sorry but I really want to thank all everybody. My (Nokia) years cannot be forgotten, I heartfully consider this as one of the best phases of my life. More hopping after the hop

To clip it up for this year, these are some records or i’ll say stats for this year:

  • Made 356 posts
  • Total Views as of the time i’m typing this: 740,857
  • Comments: 1,581
  • Categories: 64
  • Tags: 494

Top Posts

Mobile Games, 65,926 views
Nokia 5300 v5.51 Firmware, 42,214 views
The XpressMusic™ Series, 38,468 views

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*Akismet has protected my blog from 25,434 spam comments already

Hoping for more hopping in the years to come!


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