Nokia 5610 Refreshing Pink Pictures

This one is for the ladies……..;) More of these after the hop

But guys can get it too….without pun intended 😉

[Via: Nokia 5610 Product Page]



  1. I love this look of this phone.. but i cant see anywhere to buy it!! the only ones i can find are the red and blue. does anyone know where you can buy this phone??

  2. well, where i live, they have the pink one 🙂 i actually don’t like pink, but i thought the red and blue looked pretty common and i’m planning on getting something outrageous for me 😉

    and this is it 😀

  3. Hey I have that pink nokia phone, i personally think it is gorgous as the blue and red look very plain and common. I was intrested to know what theme is that on the phone, it isn’t preinstalled in the phone and i was searching on the net everywhere with no luck, can anybody help?

    PS i brought my phone through Vodaphone if that helps

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