Clickbooth – Premiere CPA Network

Commission all the way!

As all of we know, CPA(Cost Per Action) networks are spurting anywhere, and do provide a potential exposure for advertisers and make money for webmasters at the same time. More companies are taking it to the game including the internet giant, Google, which is considered as the biggest network for advertisers and bloggers. Whatever you say, they really is. But hold your comments as we take a look of what clickbooth has to offer after the hop.

A little snap on the background:

The network is a division of IntegraClick, Inc. and based in Sarasota, Florida. The network has approximately 20,000 affiliates or publishers and 3,000 active advertiser campaigns as of October 2007. The network was founded by John Lemp in September of 2002 who is also the current acting CEO of IntegraClick, Inc.

Performance based advertising also known as CPA advertising has become increasingly popular throughout the past year as major online players such as Google have entered the space.

The popularity of such networks is due to to the increased focus on the actual worth of each user and the ability of CPA to combat both click and impression fraud which has plagued many online sites.

A recent in depth article in Adotas is very useful in explaining some of the differences between CPA and the traditional internet marketing methods such as CPC and CPM.

Clickbooth CPA Network a division of IntegraClick, Inc based in Sarasota, Florida


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