Sounds like a party!

It’s small, but it’s got it all! Nokia Mini Speakers MD-8 are multi-compatible, so you can plug and play from more than your mobile. Battery-powered, slick design, clever cable management, and awesome audio. Let’s face it, these Nokia Mini Speakers MD-8 will blow you away.



With Nokia Mini Speakers MD-8 you can:

  • fit party sound into your pocket
  • get awesome audio and wicked looks
  • enjoy your tracks with tangle-free cable
  • fine-tune the FM antenna into your frequency

Nokia Mini Speakers MD-8 have a standard 3.5mm audio connector for maximum compatibility. You have direct connectivity to your favourite music devices including MP3 players, PCs, other consumer electronic devices, and Nokia music devices with the Nokia 3.5mm AV connector.

Nokia Mini Speakers MD-8 are also compatible with Nokia music devices with the Nokia 2.5mm AV connector, using the Nokia Audio Adapter AD-52 (included in the sales package).