Looking for a new replacement for your recent cadillac? This post will surely help you on choosing the right cadillac. As the title states, “Combines luxury and performance”. It’s not just on words, but it could really justify it’s commitment to bring the consumers what do they deserve – and what they should get for they paid for. So we will be discussing about this after the hop.
Here’s a statement from a werner website:

What is a cadillac then? Where did it got started at all?

Cadillac was the first manufacturer to utilize the skills of a designer to produce a car’s body instead of an engineer (1927). This gave the public a car that looked as good as it performed.

Cadillac’s engineers were first to design a manual transmission with synchronizers for increased drivability (1929) and were instrumental in the early development of the automatic transmission, beginning in 1932.

Cadillac offered a production V-16 engine from 1930 through 1940 and introduced the production independent wishbone front suspension in 1934. The marque introduced tailfins for 1948. From the late 1960s onward, Cadillac offered a fiber-optic indication system which alerted the driver of a failed light bulb.

If you’re looking for a mid-size sport sedan, a new Cadillac CTS combines luxury with the Cadillac tradition of performance in a great looking package that rivals the more expensive imports at a more affordable price. It’s the Motor-Trend Car of the Year for 2008.

If you want the best value in a luxury sedan, a new Cadillac Deville or DTS give you uncompromising comfort along with the power and responsiveness you’d expect from the world-famous Northstar System.

When you want the ultimate sport sedan, a new Cadillac STS gives you more torque and a tighter suspension to put you in control of any driving environment. When you’re driving a new Cadillac STS, there’s no doubt who’s boss.

Do you have a family that needs stylish, roomy transportation? If so, then a new Cadillac Escalade is just what you need to shuttle around town. A new Cadillac Escalade is perfect for business or pleasure.

Hope this statement helps you on choosing.

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