Nokia 5310 v5.81 Firmware

Out now!

The Nokia 5310 latest software update covers most major fixes on this tiny phone

Noticeable fixes and changes:

-The famous restarting problem
-Loudspeaker is more powerful enough and sounds clearer
-Navigation is a big improvement
-Will likely read most 4GB microSD cards

Update Links:

Online Update for unlocked phones(SIM-Free)

Before you start, make sure you have met these requirements:

To install and run Nokia Software Updater application:

PC with 1GHz or higher Pentium-compatible processor

At least 256 MB of RAM (memory)

Windows 2000 (SP4 or later) or Windows XP (SP1 or SP2) or Windows Vista

Administration rights on the PC while installing

High-speed internet connection

To connect your phone to a PC:

Fully charged, compatible Nokia phone

Compatible Nokia USB connection cable

Compatible USB port on your PC

Step 2/2: Back-up data

Personal data such as contacts, photos and messages stored in the phone memory will be deleted during phone software update. It is strongly recommended that you backup this data to your memory card before updating your phone software.

To backup to your memory card:

select Tools > Memory from the main menu

select Options > Backup phone mem.

To restore info to phone memory:

select Tools > Memory from the main menu

select Options > Restore from card

Now click on the link below to proceed with the update

Good luck and enjoy! 😉



  1. Yay, at last it’s a solid phone 🙂 Got mine updated at a Nokia Service Centre after it would only crash every time it was turned on! Really is worthy of a top phone now in my eyes. No more crackling or hanging!

  2. I looked at the nokia page, downloaded Nokia PC Suite and NSU but it says there is no update for my phone…. what should i do?

  3. Here’s what I found improved:

    1. Loud external speaker
    2. Better Equalizer response, more base.
    3. Faster scroll in playlist.
    4. No more jerks in video recording
    5. Stand-by operator text is now white (used to be blue).
    6. Improved PC connectivity (USB)
    7. Better Bluetooth search and the paired list now works.

  4. Man!!! I can’t believe it!!! The equalizer is amazing, it’s more defined and refined now!! WOWOWOWOW!!!

    v5.81 is genius!

  5. I second what Antrix has stated. I think the ‘small’ font for writing sms messages was improved too, it used to be tiny but now its much smarter.

    One downside I found (I have the RED 5310) is the Radio application has the blue font! Haha, minor slip up there but it doesnt look that great! But all the other fonts are red, mp3 player fonts were increased a little too. Also I have a new default screensaver which is smart too.

    I’ll let you know anything else to add to the list.

    As for restarting issue, I never had the mp3 restart issue but my phone seems the most stable its ever been – I’m not scared to turn it off anymore!

  6. i am using a 5310(XM) on orange but this new update wasnt available via the updater software. (i am trying to remove thier software and replace with nokia). instead i re-updated v3.63

    does anyone know if orange/nokia have blocked this v5.81 update for orange units?

  7. I’m on ORANGE UK too. But I have no idea if I could have updated using the nokia website software. I was just lucky the phone DIED and they put the latest software on it as part of the warranty. Take it to a Nokia Service Centre and they can do it?

  8. hi
    i have updated my nokia 5310xm and i dont what difference has it make i noticed that the sound is louder but other than that nothing can anyone help me know the other changes please…thxxx

  9. i have updated my nokia 5310 firmware from v3.63 to v5.81, but now I don’t have Russian language in the phone. What to do or who can help me?

  10. I’ve downloaded the ‘software updater’.exe file …..but now the problem is my 5310 xpressmusic model is not included in the list that says ‘Compatible Nokia devices and cables’…..Nokia 5300,5700,5610 all are there but 5310 is not there…what should I do?

  11. hmmmmm…. i am also 5310 XpressMusic user… i hav updated to v5.81..but that restarting thing is still alive…it mainly happens when i am talking in phone….can anyone help ??

  12. hmmmmm…. i am also 5310 Xpress Music user… i hav updated to v5.81..but that restarting thing is still alive…it mainly happens when i am talking in phone….can anyone help ??…..

  13. Updated mine to V7.01 now, apparently takes upto 16gb now, but recognises my 8gb properly as 8gb now rather than 4gb (even tho it could see all the data). A couple of minor costmetic changes but nothing major at all.

  14. hi i m looking for application for nokia5310 musicxpress mobile? how can i lock my folder which is in mobile memory card?

  15. hello, I’m thinking of buying a 5310, but someone said that the mp3 player on it doesn’t remember your playback position if you switch the phone off and this is really bad if you want to listen to long podcasts.

    I want to use it to listen to long podcasts, so does anyone know if the firmware update makes it now remember the playback position? thanks.

  16. I have nokia 5310 XM red. But i don’t know which version i’m using it’s v5.81 or leter or befor. Anyone have the any idea then tell me please.

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