Wetpaint – Free wiki websites

For you and a few (thousand) friends

Starting your own website is just like a peer pressure factor, meaning almost everyone especially teens got a blog right now. Should you want to get into the bandwagon, you must do a blog so. It’s easy to create and manage a blog nowadays as free blog services sprouted fast namely wordpress, blogger, and etc. But there is still new and fresh services out there that offers more flexible, and ofcourse enables you to interact with your online buddies like just friendster, orkut and myspace does. Check this  revolutionized blogging service that covers up all services blogging, wiki, and social sites.

Wetpaint is a all-in-one site that covers it all, just like putting up all the things you need on a one server.
Plus you get a chance to interact with other members. This explain’s why wetpaint should be your primary
wiki blogging service:

Why Wetpaint

  • 100% free
  • Simple to start
  • Easy to build
  • Fun to share

Wetpaint also empowering wiki’s, not just the old style wiki’s. They provide an easy 1-2-3 steps so you can catch up with your wiki’s and manage them with full access. Wetpaint has also everything you need and the best thing of it, it’s 100% free of charge.

So get into the wetpaint bandwagon and build a great wiki community!


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