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The most important necessity next to food is a home. A home owned by yourself and where you resides. But then, it’s very difficult for an average person to own expensive houses in a short period of time. Although, this is not a factor now as here a site that I’ve seen that offers home insurance for all.

An article from EZ Insurance states here:

Your home is your livelihood. It is where your family lives, it is where you go from refuge from the world, it my very well be the only piece of property you ever own. Bad things can happen to houses, from theft to vandalism to natural damage. Wouldn’t you want a guarantee on something as important as your house? Home owners insurance can assure the safety of your house so you never have to worry about losing your most valuable asset.

Here’s also a detailed explanation on home insurance:

Protecting your home, while not required like auto insurance, is essential. A lot of times you won’t be able to get a mortgage if you do not have home insurance. There are four main types of coverage:

House Structure – This coverage will cover all damages that happen to the structure of your house. It will also cover surrounding features of your house such as your garage and yard. Damages from natural disasters are also included and the rebuilding of your house can also be included.

Additional Living – If your house is currently being rebuilt this can cover the cost of living while you are waiting, this includes hotel bills, food and other general living expenses.

Personal Belongings – This covers the stuff you keep in your house. If your house burns down or you get robbed you will receive compensation for your personal belongings.

Liability Protection – If someone gets hurt while on your property you will be held liable, liability protection will protect you from the costs of medical bills or court fees.

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