The National Pardon Centre


Birgit Granberg was interviewed during a news story on criminal records and Canadian pardons for Shaw TV. Birgit began working for the National Pardon Centre in Montreal, Quebec in September 2002. In January 2006 she relocated to Calgary, Alberta taking on a crucial role as Regional Director of NPC West Coast operations.

The National Pardon Centre 

is a non-profit organization offering services for Canadian Pardons and USA entry waivers in Canada. We have your best interest in mind!

The National Pardon Centre provides:

  • Canada Pardons which remove criminal records.
  • USA entry waiver services for legal access to the United States of America.
  • Fingerprinting services and background checks.
  • Free counseling, client case reviews and assessments.
  • Free educational resources to local community service organizations.
  • Honest, straightforward and reliable counsel. We will NOT mislead you or process applications you do not require.

Learn about the unique Canada pardons program, USA travel restrictions and our experience in handling pardons and waiver services in Canada. You will see that the National Pardon Centre is a socially conscious organization helping to improve the lives of countless Canadians just like you.

Please feel free to Apply online on pardons canada or call our office and speak with a counselor. Your peace of mind is waiting!

Applicants living near Montreal or Calgary can visit one of our all day walk-in centres M-F 8:30am – 5:00pm. Trained counselors are available to speak with you. No appointment is necessary. 

The National Pardon Centre is an award winning Canadian non-profit organization that assists individuals with Canadian pardon and USA entry waiver applications. A pardon (granted by the Canadian government) will remove your criminal record from public file thereby allowing you to proceed in life without the restrictions of a criminal record. A USA entry waiver (granted by the American government) allows legal access to the United States despite the existence of a criminal record. Operating in the downtown core of Montreal, Quebec and Calgary, Alberta and providing its services across Canada, the National Pardon Centre is the first fully bilingual walk-in centre and Canada’s only coast to coast pardon and waiver service.

Beyond its mandate to process government applications, the National Pardon Centre is also a community based resource centre offering free educational seminars throughout Quebec and Alberta. Whenever possible the centre participates in awareness programs to help disseminate accurate information on pardons, criminal records and their effects on everyday life. The National Pardon Centre has also been featured on television, newsprint and radio across Canada in an effort to circulate accurate information on the social issues surrounding criminal records and Canadian pardons. Please feel free to review our media page to learn more.

Our organization is advised and sanctioned by Honourable Warren Allmand, former Solicitor General and Member of Parliament. Mr. Allmand was directly involved in the creation of the Canadian pardon program in 1971. He has worked on many important human rights issues, including the elimination of capital punishment in 1976 (an amendment to Canadian law that all of Canada should be proud of). Mr. Allmand also served as president of the International Centre for Human Rights and Democratic Development (Rights & Democracy), from 1997-2002.


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