Low cost used POS Equipment

Vision Point of Sale, a company started since 1993, is now the nation’s leading supplier of POS equipments. Offering a well organized services, making every transaction a life-cycle point, that makes Vision one of the most renowned companies in the country. These services includes with an extensive inventory of newly refurbished POS products, new tier-1 POS products, along with global sourcing and placement capabilities.

After the overview, let’s talk about their services.

Point of Sale Products 

Vision POS provides a state of the art equipment and a top-notch service. Products are considered as new even it’s a refurbished one.Why? Because they only do collect used equipments from giant companies like Fujitsu, IBM and NCR. Aside from that, customers have an access to their store inventory so they could check on what to look for and what to buy for. Mostly, buyers are convinced with the products, not to mention it’s competitive and reasonable price. That’s makes a customer being impressed and making them a serious potential buyer.

They specialize on selling these popular brands like:

Special Recognition

Vision has been named as a “Technology Fast 50” Company in each of the past 4 years by Deloitte & Touche.