Nokia 5610 restarting problem

Possible problems and solutions! 

A problem arised on Nokia’s music phone flagship, the Nokia 5610
XpressMusic. This problem involves with the music player and it’s buttons. Mainly, the problem is that the phone randomly restarts when music plays or even on videos. This cause users to panic, seeking for help, and if tempers get uncontrollable this leads them to throw up their phones. So please, if you do own this Nokia phone, don’t do the same as i have some possible solutions to it.

Q: My phone restarts when playing music.


  • Navi-key and camera button gets unnoticeably stuck causing it to be flooded with commands pointing to the music player and camera leading to a force system restart.
  • One of your music files got corrupted
  • Possible phone software corruption
  • Mixing different music formats is not recommended as of the moment(on xpressmusic players only) – meaning putting files with MP3, eAAC, WMA files on one memory card could cause mixup and will lead to software malfunction
  • Memory card fault

Possible solutions:

  • Try checking the navi-key and camera button, make sure that they aren’t stuck.
  • Replace your music files if you notice some file corruption
  • Update your mobile phone’s software also known as firmware
  • As much as possible don’t mix up files with different file types – this would also help the phone to save a much CPU power. Just stick to one – the eAACplus.
  • Check if your memory card is faulty

Seems the one main possible of this restarting phenomena is caused by when the navi-key and camera key gets stuck. Hope this thing helps :p



  1. i cannot open dictionary in organizer as it indicated “vocabulary files or folder not found or unavailable.” is there anywhere i can download the file or any solution? thx

  2. thanks for this tip. i have had this happen many times before and it’s driving me nuts..though i don’t think it’s they key problem because i always put my phone in a carrier and it’s always placed in a spacious bag…hmm my music library does update by itself for no reason quite often..and it takes a very long time since i’m using a 4gb card. any idea why? thanks!

  3. i have the same proplem some time it accures when iam talking in the phone and i updated the software many times by their updater from nokia site but it still have the same proplem it restarts !!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I bought this phone with a lot of hope and this problem is really annoying me. It abruptly restarts in the middle of calls, when playing music, taking pictures etc. Whats the matter with this thing! I need a solution, and the things you mentioned above don’t seem to be cause of this mishap, as I checked and re-checked (even bought a new microSD card) everything!

  5. “my music library does update by itself for no reason quite often..and it takes a very long time since i’m using a 4gb card.”

    I’ve got EXACTLY the same problem ! (I’m using a 4Gb card too)

    Does somebody have a solution for that kind of “problem” ???


  6. My 5610 phone also restarts while talking in the phone. I just bought it two days back and im already extremely irritated with this problem. Can anyone tell me how to fix it?

  7. Hi,
    Even i am facing the same problem and i have tried all way to get rid of it..I have updated the S/W and i have change the memory card as well as i have removed all music file for time being for testing purpose but still my cell get recharged twice or thrice every day…Can any one suggest some other solution..Please don’t suggest to consult NOKIA service centre.There response is terrible….Those guys are real stupud and dn’t know hw to respond the customer.

  8. I went to the nokia care with this restarting problems for 10 times…they replaced my phone 9times..but still the problem didnt get fixed…finally they replaced my set with n73 music edition. The nokia care told me that the whole lot of 5610 was faulty at production. So people, beware…the problem will not get solved…

  9. hey friend me too suffering a lot from the restarting problem!
    how to get rid of the solution
    can v file a case on the Consumer Court???

  10. mee too suffering from the same problem
    i have updated to the latest software!
    but the problem still exist!
    after updating the music quality has gone!
    lots and lots of problem with nokia 5610
    fuckiing nokia 5610!
    dont ask ur friends to buy this

  11. Hello guys

    Considering the restarting problem faced by many customers, an online petition has been created. All those who are facing the restarting problem of Nokia 5610 Xpress Music while on a call or listening to music, please go to the following link and sign up the petition. It’ll be posted to the concerned Nokia authorities so that they will help us in solving the problem.


    Sri Raghav

  12. Hello!

    I’m sorry to hear about all your problems with 5610! I have bought this phone for my daughter and she has had it for a couple of months now. We have not had any problem with the music player in 5610, no restarts at all. Maybe we have a different firmware here in Scandinavia (we live in Sweden) with less problems.

  13. i have a n5610 for 5 months i had same problem like you all the phone is restarting when playing music even i had upgraded the software version…and now i had some mysterious navi keys can’t be pressed when i starting up the phone..i use a PIN code and the problem is i can’t press any key in the top row of the phone(the soft keys,call,end buttons)i asked the nokia care center and the nokia didn’t give clear information..they said that my hardware had some problem and it took 4 weeks to repair it.. anybody had some experience like me???? need help thanks b4

  14. i rily like this phone but i decided to return it to the store 3 days after i bought it and replaced it with n73 ME .. der’s a lot of problem on this expressmusic phone. im so dissapoited!

  15. hi all..
    i have a problem with my nokia 6510 everytime when i using it the screen turns black and it still working.. i try to switch it off and open it again but it never works it stays like this for about 2 hours they it works again..
    i hope if anyone have this problem or knows any selution to contanct me..
    my email is:

    thanks so much..

  16. damn>> yes people my 5610 does restart and sumtyms da keys dont work.>>> i love da fone buh this really annoys me. hey guys anway is it possible to change the aluminium bars on the sides of da phone cuz myn are comin off!!!!!!!!!!! damn

  17. my 5610 starts for no reason at all just starts up and the screen goes blank or stays on for 30 secs and dies can anybody help???

  18. I have problem with the camera function, when activated, the display only show “camera in standby” but cannot take any picture nor video

  19. i just bought this phone a week ago and i realise that whenever i remove the back cover, everything in the phone would be reset back to default…i took it back to the shop i bought it from and the sales person told me its because the memory card is not detected after the back cover is remove…is it true??? can anyone help me on this problem??

  20. my problem as same as all of you guys.I’m very dissapointed with nokia. i should buy s.e if i know this problem would occur. it is as good as i buy cheap phone rather to buy a trash like this. this is not xpress music but xpress restart. never want to buy any nokia model anyore

  21. I really got to hat this phone. Nokia won’t update my model’s firmware (what might solve the restarting problems according to some people).

    The phone freezes all the time, and the “special” slider key will pop-off anytime. It sucks.

  22. getting a problem with the visuals. The display is getting messed up and isn’t showing at all sometimes. It some times when i start up the phone like at static screen. anyone can help?

  23. I have an even bigger problem than .. i guess anybody here…
    my phone has no screen coming up.
    It comes up with rainbow colours… and negative mode but never the normal colours!! and now, after 2 days of the problem i cant view a thing at all!!

    please reply to this post if u have a solution….

    ps. if suing was easy… i would sue nokia!

  24. hi guys……..
    my phone(5610) too restarted when playing music…….but when i changed the music player’s theme to “default” the problem was solved. And once my phone’s display was completely gone… was after my phone fell from my hand twice or thrice. But the Nokia service center fixed it since it had warranty………..try that guys…………

  25. I have a problem on my nokia 5610.. ive had it for 3 months and used it clean i mean no softwares or anything downloaded except a theme!!! now i cant start my phone. i press the power button then the nokia logo comes up then the screen just flashes a few times and then the phone shuts down!! please help really like this phone!

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