Possible problems and solutions! 

A problem arised on Nokia’s music phone flagship, the Nokia 5610
XpressMusic. This problem involves with the music player and it’s buttons. Mainly, the problem is that the phone randomly restarts when music plays or even on videos. This cause users to panic, seeking for help, and if tempers get uncontrollable this leads them to throw up their phones. So please, if you do own this Nokia phone, don’t do the same as i have some possible solutions to it.

Q: My phone restarts when playing music.


  • Navi-key and camera button gets unnoticeably stuck causing it to be flooded with commands pointing to the music player and camera leading to a force system restart.
  • One of your music files got corrupted
  • Possible phone software corruption
  • Mixing different music formats is not recommended as of the moment(on xpressmusic players only) – meaning putting files with MP3, eAAC, WMA files on one memory card could cause mixup and will lead to software malfunction
  • Memory card fault

Possible solutions:

  • Try checking the navi-key and camera button, make sure that they aren’t stuck.
  • Replace your music files if you notice some file corruption
  • Update your mobile phone’s software also known as firmware
  • As much as possible don’t mix up files with different file types – this would also help the phone to save a much CPU power. Just stick to one – the eAACplus.
  • Check if your memory card is faulty

Seems the one main possible of this restarting phenomena is caused by when the navi-key and camera key gets stuck. Hope this thing helps :p