Monster Solutions – Top Online Job Site

Global leader in online recruitment

Monster, is a well renowned online based job recruitment agency and is
considered a global leader in online recruitment. This world first online job board was created in 1994. Monster has been dedicated to job seekers and employers to provide new ways to hire and improve their businesses.

According to Monster’s CA Website:

Monster provides organizations with integrated recruitment solutions that enable them to hire more efficiently and cost-effectively and connect with the most qualified career-minded individuals using innovative technology and superior online services, tools and resources.

In the present time, Monster has help more than 23,000 Canadian companies streamline the complex and time-consuming process of recruiting talent at every level. Some of the top Canada firms rely on Monster Canada for online recruitment related partnerships. A lot of job opportunities coming from this site are surely competitive and beneficial for all.

Here is also the timetable of Monster Solutions:


  • 1994: Monster launches the world’s first online job board in the U.S.
  • 1997: Monster opens its first international operation in Canada, launching the country’s first online job board.
  • 1999: Monster becomes the first online recruitment brand to advertise on television with its “When I Grow Up” campaign. It is the only commercial included in Time Magazine’s list of “Best Television in 1999.”
  • 2000-2004: Monster Canada becomes a strategic career ally for the Canadian Olympics Committee and sponsors the 2000, 2002 and 2004 Olympic Games in Sydney, Salt Lake City and Athens.
  • 2004: Monster acquires
  • 2005: Monster becomes the #1 online recruitment website in Canada with the highest consumer awareness, monthly traffic and overall growth (Ipsos Reid).
  • 2006: Monster introduces the first national index to measure online employment demand in Canada.

As per notable facts, Monster gets a whopping 3 Million visitors a month, 11 million job searches are performed on the site each month and Approximately 47,000 jobs per month are posted on Monster, for an industry-best 58 job seekers per posting ratio! Excellent numbers. Undoubtedly, Monster Solutions is the main source for online database jobs for job seekers and employers. Hiring on this site is very easy and for sure you’ll get the best prospects for your business.

Lastly, here are the things that you didn’t know about Monster:

  • The idea to recruit employees online was conceived in a dream after Monster’s founder was challenged by a client to come up with a “monster of an idea” for finding qualified IT staff.
  • “Trumpasaurus” or “Trump” is the name of the company’s memorable green and purple mascot.
  • Monster was the 454th commercial website in the world.
  • was the 17th most visited property on the Internet in 2005.
  • Canada is Monster’s fastest growing international market.



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