Nokia N81 8GB Review – The Intro

Let the excitement begin

Guys and gals hold on your seats and relax as I am about to begin my inner review of the Nokia N81 8GB Special Edition. Before we start let us first recall te N-Gage history, first we saw N-Gage in limelight on the year 2004 – phones that enable gaming straight from their phones using the so-called “easy to lose cartridges, then next followed by its successor, N-Gage QD, which sported with a hot-swap slot for game cartridges. However, it doesn’t support MP3 playback functionality which the original had. Although, MP3 playback was removed, users had find the way by using 3rd-party apps to play their sound files. With enough support, the Nokia N-Gage earned quite a lot of fans.

On the recent years, we haven’t seen much of the N-Gage, leaving users play with
their oldie and outdated N-Gage’s. This comes to a saying, Scarcity is a real
power whereas overexposure is a dangerous situation

Now, Nokia will finally fill the emptiness and excitement, making it’s way to shell out
the a new breed of N-Gage, the Nokia N81. As many of you know about this, there are
two versions of the handset – one with the standard mmc slot and the harddrive
version. Whatever you call it, we will just simply name it as Nokia N81. Without more
further discussion, we will about to begin the more inner review, right after the jump.


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