Get Paid Every Time Your Website Is Seen…

Audio Ad Hosting – Pay Per Play

Many of the most widely used ad programs – giant ad companies
like Adsense, however aside from contextual ads there’s such an alternative way to earn money online and that is Audio Ad
Hosting. You could earn from every visitor by placing audio ads
on your website or blog, plus earn more when played by your
readers. Pay-Per-Play (PPP) is the web’s newest and fastest
growing form of advertising.

Payperplay industry have the common things with radio advertising, the only difference
is, PPP is cheaper and more effective nowadays in this generation. Audio ads can reach more than a million viewers across a million websites. Pay less, more mass reach, more product and service exposure, more leads and sales!

Plus, webmasters and blogger can also earn as an affiliate means you can refer family and peers to join this ad hosting program. Referring other to join will earn publishers 25% commission on ad revenue, a site that gets 2,000 unique visitors a day with an advertiser paying $14 per 1,000 plays would earn $7 a day, or $49 a week.

Another ad structure to gain attraction this early year are video connected ads. On this type of advertising, publishers have more income potential perspective as video streaming become popular through its year, youtube is one of them. Here’s an article explains what ad companies are preparing for the next generation of advertising in the coming future.

October last year, Google Inc. released Video Units, a program that allows Web-site publishers who use its AdSense program — which places Google-brokered ads on other Web sites based on the sites’ content — to add YouTube videos to their blog sites and have ads appear on the video player.

Some ad services are trying to help publishers expand their advertising by putting ads in their blog’s Really Simple Syndication, or RSS feeds, which send blog posts out to subscribers. Some services even specialize in providing ads to publishers that pop up when someone visits the blog from a mobile phone.



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