Nokia N81 8GB – The Next Episode

The next episode is about to begin

I was a lucky person to receive a Nokia N81 8GB for a 2-week exploration period. I’m greatly thankful for Siobhan, Donna and Amy from Womworld for sending this unit to me.

As I’ve said, i will be playing with this for 2-weeks, and looking forward to make a
complete review on it. My first thoughts about it was the loudspeakers is just
simply loud and those little microsound processors tend to produce a high quality
surround sound. So dear readers, feel free to ask anything about this phone here
in the comments section.

Below are some pictures of the contents inside the package: (Click on the thumbnail to enlarge)

NOkia N81 8GB package box  NOkia N818GB Box  Nokia N81 8GB Label  Nokia N81 8GB inside with Bose

Nokia Bose  Nokia N81 8GB accessories  Bose Accessories  dsc00001.jpg
Nokia N81 8GB Special Edition with Bose QuietComfort 3 Headphones



  1. Great phone. I suppose the camera and video capabilities are same with N70. They’re bot 2MP in symbian os. the battery life is same with 5300 with regards to music playback. this phone is more concentrated on game lovers, if im not mistaken

  2. Can u explain N81 8gb VS 5610XpressMusic when it comes to video recording and playback? Can n81 record and play vga resolution videos? and i suppose n81 can encode recorded videos in .mp4 format

  3. Hi,

    Both phones are similarly identical on the video capturing side. VGA resolution, 15fps. But as you have said, the difference is that Nokia 5610 encodes on 3GP while N81 does MP4 recording. I’m believe Nokia N81 takes better videos than Nokia 5610. Remember this thing, symbians are more flexible than S40s.


  4. But the 5610 has some things up its sleeves or should i say housing (hahahah)

    According to Nokia 5610 is/has:
    > WCDMA 850 capable
    > Flash lite 2.1 (n81 has only flash lite 2.0)
    > Resolution: 2048 x 1536 (n81 has only Resolution: 1600 x 1200)
    > Auto Focus (n81 doesn’t have that)
    > Video Resolution: 640 x 480 (n81 only uses 320 x 240)

    So you see, Symbians maybe more flexible, but S40’s will surely put up a good fight!



  5. Sorry my bad, thanks for the heads up!

    To clarify things up or i can just easily say a slight correction to my previous statement, Nokia N81 does only take 320×240 MP4 recordings-had to overlook it. Honestly saying, i really thought the videos were on VGA resolution! I might just got carried away with it’s vivid capture motion.

    Cheers 😉

  6. jhunel,

    On my test results, both phones has it’s own style of sound or they way it delivers the sound. But due to Nokia N81 has both stereo widening and loudness, that puts Nokia N81 ahead of it.

    The stated 22 hour music playback on the Nokia 5610 is much very unattainable, maybe you can just get 10-12 hours headphone playback on normal usage.

    Only Nokia N81 special editions come with a pair of bose quietcomfort headset. As expected it’s much more expensive as the Bose headset costs around $300 in the market today!


    Been looking for options on the unit but unfortunately it does only capture QVGA videos. If im not mistaken, GSMArena stated on their site that its VGA capable, but not in reality….

    Is it just on the firmware? or is it really QVGA?


  7. It is even stated on nokia’s website that the n81 captures videos on VGA resolution. Why would Nokia lie if it only captures QVGA? Please answer my question.

  8. Hi,

    After looking at those reliable sites, it’s probably wrong. The one i’ve been using here is an N81-1 which maximum video capture resolution is only QVGA. Is it a firmware bug perhaps?


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