EZWatch Pro Video Surveillance – Top-notch Security System

“A security system that fits the bill” – Forbes Magazine

EZWatch Pro Video Surveillance is designed specifically for an easy,
do it yourself installation. You can monitor anyone, even your kids and loved ones. Protect your homes and workplaces with factory tested and proven performance in thousands of real life video surveillance applications. EZWatch digital kits are also intended specifically for business, office, commercial and school security and surveillance applications.

The most popular features of their surveillance cameras are: Night vision, motion activated recording, remote viewing, PTZ camera control, months of digital video storage, our unmatched technical support and the great piece of mind our security solutions bring to our customers. From offering a crystal clear video quality by using the latest technology on video recording -the H264 to wireless pan surveillance video system.

With over 60,000 satisfied customers, you can’t go wrong with this all-around product. For your security cameras, digital video surveillance, security DVRs needs, choose EZWatch Pro products.

Currently at this time EZ is offering free shipping on orders of $300US or more.



  1. EZ? Pathetic. I had two computer techs come to my house to set up a camera hooked to the computer. Could not even come close. $600.00 for nothing. Waste of time and money. Company did not help at all.

  2. Do not despair Security Guy is here! But seriously, I maybe able to help you. I am a professional security installer and have installed over 20 ezwatch pro systems. I’ll bet you were installing the system on an existing PC. The problem is many PC’s have strange setups which have to be adjusted for the system work reliably. shoot me an email if you would like me to help. The system as a whole really is the best on the market. I know that may not help right now because of your frustration but there are a lot of others out there that are truly a nightmare. Let me know if I can help. I’ll be I can get it running reliably for you!

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