Cellware – A Prime Mobile Social Networking Site

Get free media files and socialize with everyone in the same place!

The whole mobile industry is growing steadily and expected to expand
more in this year 2008. Cellware is a new player in the industry. By delivering quality media contents such as ringtones from well known
music by favorite artists, latest games & applications, movie clips, classic sitcom moments, celebrity photos to use as wallpaper and much more.

Everyone can join, all you need is a mobile phone and an internet connection. Registration is free of charge and will never charge you with anything even a cent. It also enables members & users to add, edit and download mobile contents straight to their phones for completely free! The contents can then be used to customize your mobile phones for your pleasure. Users are also allowed to communicate to other users and share their own contents with each other. Plus users can upload videos that can be viewed and rated by other members. It’s just plain simple. This site has a great potential in the near future. I wouldn’t wonder this site will become one of the 100 mostly recognized sites.

Cellware was started last month by a group of creative, experienced internet professionals with the goal to take the community environment and mobile content industry to the next level. John Ferber was one of the founders of Advertising.com


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