AIMpromote – Flexible, Powerful, Easy-to-Use Software

On-demand web-based software application

AIMpromote is an award winning and an on-demand lead management software application offering the managing and handling of a certain lead.
It is essentially a CRM, but is focused particularly on managing and handling leads. You can also be able to sell leads on your niche.

AIMpromote offers the following services:

Sales Lead Management 
AIMpromote can teach on how to increase your sales and improve your overall profitability. There is simply no sales lead management solution software on the market today that offers the rich feature set of AIMpromote.


Lead Reselling
When using the software, you will feel that your business becomes more larger and more profitable. You love the way the system works and also your clients will love it. That means more customers and clients = more profits!


AIMpromote system has taken the best parts of CRM and intergrated it
into a user friendly and compact application. Enabling you to manage all
of your transactions in one task. It also offers a great 24-7 customer relationship management that helps both sellers and clients in their tasks.

AIMpromote is providing flexible, powerful, Easy-to-Use lead management software at affordable prices.


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