Fix ya’ll Nokia 5310 for the meantime!

Many of you are still wondering, why this phone does always restarts as if this was made as a music phone? The reason for that is almost all the first batch of Nokia 5310 with v3.60FW installed does have a codec problem on the music player.

That’s why it does restart randomly during an MP3 playback.

How to deal with this problem?

Fortunately, the remedy for this is by converting your files to M4A/eAAC+. You can
do it by following these steps:

First this article of Nokia explains what music conversion is all about :

Converting music formats

Music has gone digital all thanks to the compression of audio files. Audio compression is a form of data compression designed to reduce the size of an audio file without compromising on sound quality. This means audio files can now be compressed, transmitted and stored more easily. Still unsure of which format to use?

There are many different digital audio formats. Among the most popular are the Windows Media® Audio, MP3 and AAC formats. Here’s the listing to the different formats we see around today.

• The Windows Media® Audio format is owned by Microsoft. Apart from sound data, WMA files can contain other information like copyright and licensing data.

• MP3 stands for MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3. Formalized in 1995 after years of research, the MP3 format allows CD-quality audio to be compressed to less than one-tenth its original file size.

• AAC is short for Advanced Audio Coding, and was developed after the MP3 format. It is a format accepted by most mobile phones and delivers an audio quality just as good, if not better, than MP3 files.

• eAAC is short for Enhanced AAC+, it was introduced in based on HE-AAC with parametric stereo processing. The use of AAC+ and EAAC+ is especially common on mobile phones.

Our personal favorite is the eAAC format. It allows you to have CD quality audio at half the size of normal audio files. Meaning, you can now have double the amount songs on your phone with the same storage capacity with no compromise on the quality. You’ve got to try it to know what we’re talking about.

Now here’s the steps on converting your files to M4A/eAAC+ :

1. You must have Nokia PC Suite installed on your PC. If you haven’t yet, you can install it using the CD provided along with your phone or you can just get it here.

2. First click OPTIONS under the main menu. Then choose settings. Now a dialog box
appears. Click the conversion tab, under it you could see a Conversion Format option.
Please drag down format and choose M4A. For the Bit Rate, choose Higher Quality.
Finally, press ok.

3. On the final step. Highlight or check the desired file. After that, click file on the
main menu then choose Convert to Mobile Optimised Format. The program should
convert your files as you click on it.


If you’re not willing to convert all your files, just try a “restore factory settings”
option under settings menu. The default code is 12345 – if it’s unaltered. Results
aren’t guaranteed, but hey it’s worth a try.

Thanks to my fellow reader Clayde for sharing this information.

Hope this article helps 😉


Anyway, Nokia is now set to release a new firmware(v3.63) for Nokia 5310. Maybe you
don’t need to do this anymore. Just check back again for more news and info.