Nokia 5310 Restarting Problem

Fix ya’ll Nokia 5310 for the meantime!

Many of you are still wondering, why this phone does always restarts as if this was made as a music phone? The reason for that is almost all the first batch of Nokia 5310 with v3.60FW installed does have a codec problem on the music player.

That’s why it does restart randomly during an MP3 playback.

How to deal with this problem?

Fortunately, the remedy for this is by converting your files to M4A/eAAC+. You can
do it by following these steps:

First this article of Nokia explains what music conversion is all about :

Converting music formats

Music has gone digital all thanks to the compression of audio files. Audio compression is a form of data compression designed to reduce the size of an audio file without compromising on sound quality. This means audio files can now be compressed, transmitted and stored more easily. Still unsure of which format to use?

There are many different digital audio formats. Among the most popular are the Windows Media® Audio, MP3 and AAC formats. Here’s the listing to the different formats we see around today.

• The Windows Media® Audio format is owned by Microsoft. Apart from sound data, WMA files can contain other information like copyright and licensing data.

• MP3 stands for MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3. Formalized in 1995 after years of research, the MP3 format allows CD-quality audio to be compressed to less than one-tenth its original file size.

• AAC is short for Advanced Audio Coding, and was developed after the MP3 format. It is a format accepted by most mobile phones and delivers an audio quality just as good, if not better, than MP3 files.

• eAAC is short for Enhanced AAC+, it was introduced in based on HE-AAC with parametric stereo processing. The use of AAC+ and EAAC+ is especially common on mobile phones.

Our personal favorite is the eAAC format. It allows you to have CD quality audio at half the size of normal audio files. Meaning, you can now have double the amount songs on your phone with the same storage capacity with no compromise on the quality. You’ve got to try it to know what we’re talking about.

Now here’s the steps on converting your files to M4A/eAAC+ :

1. You must have Nokia PC Suite installed on your PC. If you haven’t yet, you can install it using the CD provided along with your phone or you can just get it here.

2. First click OPTIONS under the main menu. Then choose settings. Now a dialog box
appears. Click the conversion tab, under it you could see a Conversion Format option.
Please drag down format and choose M4A. For the Bit Rate, choose Higher Quality.
Finally, press ok.

3. On the final step. Highlight or check the desired file. After that, click file on the
main menu then choose Convert to Mobile Optimised Format. The program should
convert your files as you click on it.


If you’re not willing to convert all your files, just try a “restore factory settings”
option under settings menu. The default code is 12345 – if it’s unaltered. Results
aren’t guaranteed, but hey it’s worth a try.

Thanks to my fellow reader Clayde for sharing this information.

Hope this article helps 😉


Anyway, Nokia is now set to release a new firmware(v3.63) for Nokia 5310. Maybe you
don’t need to do this anymore. Just check back again for more news and info.



  1. Hi,

    I’ve got one and yeah I experienced this rebooting issue with 5310. I have read a lot about this problem from other people and I’m convinced that it’s a glitch on the unit that Nokia will eventually address later (a new patch or something).

    I tried to mail their Nokia Customer Service. A reply said that I’d just need to try to “restore factory setting”
    menu>settings>restore factory settings> restore
    settings only > security code (default is 12345 unless changed)

    And added that if it still doesn’t work, I just have to go to a Nokia Service center and have the unit checked if there’s a need for repair or to acquire a new unit.

    Luckily, the restore-factory-setting worked for me!!!
    I don’t know how it works but damn, now Im satisfied 😀

    p.s. and yeah I did not convert most of the songs in my playlist since it would take a damn looong time.

  2. hey dude i would like to ask something. I just got my nokia 5310 and it is really great. the problem is that i can’t copy or delete the included songs or free songs on the phone. i would like to delete them. can you pls teach me how.

  3. When the firmware 3.63 update will be available. I check on the website of Nokia, but no update for 5310 was available there.

  4. Same problem with me. My 5310 restarts frequently. Now I bought it from Nokia main center here in Gulshan Dhaka. I wanted to avoid this kind of problem as I had biiter experience with my previous Nokia phone. They said I have 0ne year warranty. And it just only 1 month. Before it used to restart once a day .. now thrice or more. I am thinking of going to visit them. Lets see what they has to say about it.
    Nokia should be ashamed of this faulty phone.

  5. i want to know how to upgrade firmware for my mobile…. because the reason of outspeaker sound is not good…..its very low…

  6. I think the low sound from the outspeakers can’t be fixed by installing new firmware. Every 5310 has that low sound… they’ve made it with this intensity of the sound and we can’t do anything about it.

  7. the 5310 nokia is asking for security code.
    what is the security code?
    along the line while i was searching for where to get the security code, the repairer i gave it to loss the back cover please can u help me get another back cover?

  8. I have had the nokia 5310 xpress music for one week now. The firmware version of my phone is 3.60 and I don’t have the rebooting problem though I’m using mp3 320kbps files. The only problem is that annoying popping and cracking while listening to music. I can hear it even when using m4a audio files. I have never met that problem before with any music player or phone. Does anyone else have this problem? I hope this is just software problem. Otherwise I will crush my phone.

  9. im also experiencing what Joku said, sometimes there is a buzzing sound or cracking sound on my 5310 when using senns mx450 earphone. has anyone have a solution yet on my problem (my firmware is 3.60)? by the way i also tried my mx450 to my psp and it works fine no cracking/buzzing sound. i played same song with 320kbps. HOping for your inputs… thanks in advance

  10. ei guyz, i have a question, how can i connect to internet using yahoo go?! my fone dont allow me to connect.. please teach me!! tnx

  11. At least what I know is that this crackin/buzzing sound is not a codec problem. I converted some mp3 files to m4a 256kbps and m4a 128kbps but at least in my case the cracking and buzzing was still there.(I also listened the same tracks with psp and no cracking sounds). I hope that nokia will release a firmware update and solve this problem(if this is a software problem) but I fear that this is never going to happen. Maybe I’m just too demanding when it comes to audio quality but those sounds are disturbing.

  12. i agree, that is very disturbing. i also convert my mp3 files 256kpbs to aac 96kbps unfortunately the buzzing sound is still there. I hope this is a software/firmware problem. Has anyone encountered what joku and i experiencing? Kindly post your comments.

  13. Yes. There are several people who are complaining about the cracking sound on 5310. If someone doesn’t admit this problem, he/she is probably using crap headphones =)

  14. Yeah I agree. Try using some decent headphones :D. I tried it on my 5.1 speakers. So far, it’s the same quality when played on my computer :P.

  15. Clayde; Nice tip but didn’t help. I have good headphones and that’s why this cracking sound is annoying. Changing headphones/headsets doesn’t help.

  16. I had my 5310 for 25 days or so, had no problem untill tonight.
    It shut itself off when listening to music, and can’t be restarted. It shuts of directly after you enter the pin code. Any ideas what to do? I have removed the battery and inserted it again a few times. doesnt help.

  17. @joku.
    Hmm, you should try to contact your nokia service center man. They’d be willing to replace your phone if its defective. Though, crushing you phone is also a pretty good option. juz kidding 😛

  18. I use to put a security keyguard for my 5310.But I face a problem that is my phone has been locked and the security code that I use it is not functioning and now I can not use my phone so if any body have solution for my problem please help

  19. Yes. Maybe I should try asking them to replace my phone, though crushing my 5310 is definitely the easiest way to get rid of those random, disturbing cracking sounds XD

  20. haa haa.. Talk about Nokia fixing the music player? I have 6230i which has the same restart issue as well as the buzzing sound when using a headphone other than Nokia’s.. I hoped this will be fixed in newer firmware, but nothing changed..

  21. i also have the same f***** problem. i bought the nokia 5310 from a local store here in ktm at about $280 (which is a lot of money for me). i think the phone is slim and sleek. but what’s the use of music phone if you cannot listen to muzic properly. i think it is ridiculous considering the reputation of nokia after having done so much of advertisment to come up with such software (or hardware, i dont know). they could have used a little money from the advertisment to develop a good phone.

  22. @ ZAL
    I had this issue randomly today. Take the memory card out! Seemed to work for me. Had this problem with an SE before. You can reinsert it later. Or just format it like I did and it seems to have gone. Corrupted file? Or maybe didn’t like something I added to the Mem Card today. Who knows! Phones got way too complicated from the classic 8210 haha.

  23. @ Jont

    Thanks for the answer.
    I already handed it in to a nokia service center it took them roughly two weeks to fix it and now I got the issue where I have to enter the year,date and time every time I restart it, and it also crashes if I recieve a sms at the same time I open an unread sms.

  24. @ZAL
    Ahh 2 weeks? Think I’ll avoid sending mine away. I rarely turn mine off to be honest! Going to try to keep it that way 🙂 Flight mode is almost as good as turning off really. I turned it off last night at the movies but just removed the card again when it wouldnt start up! So bizarre! But doesn’t effect it once it’s turned on. Maybe sometime they’ll release another firmware.

  25. i have problem with camera. my 5310 camera is taking a bit long time to save the captured image. while it was fast for one month from the day of buying it. can any one guide me regarding the problem???

  26. @ Rajesh
    Have you changed to save the photos on your memory card rather than the phone memory? You might have a slow memory card. Or if your memory is low it may slow down. All in all the camera is shocking anyway lol.

  27. @Jont
    Yeah 2 bloody freaking weeks >_< Can’t recommend sending it away cause that one problem is fixed but now it got other problems 😉

    And I don’t shut mine of ever, except if the battery dies 😛

  28. can ne 1 help me out my nokia 5310 gives the message ” File supportive. nothing to display. when i install new game or applications… and it is also being not connected to nokia pc suite

  29. @patrickvladimir
    i also have the same restarting problem. i tried everything from restoring the factory setting, converting file, formatting memory card and even tried to upgrade the software but i could not. the restarting has got even faster. before it used to restart like every 1-2 hr. now it has gone totally mad. it restarts every 2-3 song. i don’t know know what to do. one thing i recently realized. when i copy the music files to the phone memory and play the phone did not restart (until now).

  30. I have got a 5310 and also got the restarting problem. I tried “restore factory settings”, but that is not helping me. I am yet to try file conversion. It would be great If Nokia provides updated software with codec problem corrected. Many of my friends asked me about this problem whether I am facing or not. Unfortunately I said “YES”. Though this model attracts people, this problem makes them not to buy.

  31. can not update firmwave through the website or nokia software update, while the buzzing cracking sound is randomly appear(which from the posts above tell this can’t fix by firmwave update, isn’t it?),that means my 5310 phone is helpless??

  32. Hey guys, i’m from venezuela, i had the same restarting problem, i just convert all my mp3 to m4a and it senns to work, at last it does not restart during playback. The upgrade is not available for my phone, not even in spanish, let’s wait until nokia release the right upgrade and try to soved the problem, let’s be patience.

  33. Finally, I was able to update my 5310’s firmware to v3.63. Unfortunately cracks/pops are still raping my ears….but hmm maybe not so much than before the update. And camera is still slow.

  34. Thanks Joku, I already updated to 3.63 but the buzzing/cracking sound is still there. I think this is a hardware problem, NOKIA cant resolve or fix it in a firmware upgrade.

  35. I’ve updated to 3.63, but both the rebooting-while-playing-mp3 problem and the cracking and popping sound problem is still there.
    This phone is like a crush.. you fall in love with it for a couple of days until you start to see its true shortcomings. And although one part of you really wants the relationship to work, you realize you’d better off without her… 😉

  36. your phone shuts off when youve used up the phone memory you need a application that is made for the phone and it is called memoryUP ram booster if you give me your email i can send you the full version and not the demo

  37. I get the popping and cracking, I don’t know if my music is too heavy but to be honest I only hear it during the silence between tracks! Or silence during tracks. Not saying that by covering up the problem with loud music that I don’t care though, I hate it! Altho I listened to a full presentation on it last week, 45 mins long, and there was no crackling?! It’s so odd, wanted to change to a different nokia but it’s so small and the 3.5mm jack is perfect! I think I’ll battle on some more. Shame the SE w960i doesn’t have a 3.5mm jack. The mobile phone companies will forever leave something out on every phone to keep you thinking that a different one is more suitable or better! CHEERS! Haha.

  38. Hai,

    i have the problem with my nokia 5310 set, it is restarting sometimes can anybody tell hw 2 recover my phone. and i request 2 send the memoryUP ram booster application to this yahoo ID.


  39. Hai all’

    Yesterday juz do the update from V3.60 to V3.63, still have cracking sound, phone restart during listening to mp3s…furthermore while open up the music player it doing update for the music library and HANG(crash)!!!!
    I’m not to happy with the sound quality is to low! use a best branded earphone still can’t get the best sound quality like in(N73ME)ummmm!!! i believe by doing software update won’t improve the sound problem, it will be the hardware….Btw it a low cost phone juz live with it or best resolve upgrade to other series…….

  40. hey dudes i have a problem in my 5310, no media player ex. themes for player and equalizer settings installed or java in my phone, can firmware update fix my problems?

  41. @ ALL

    Im very dissapointed to my 5310 (ver 3.63) coz of the buzzing/cracking sound sad to say so i gave up, i trade my 5310 to an iPod Touch……

  42. i m not finding my 5310 working gr8..
    few days back i removed my memory card and when i inserted it back,the memory card didnt refresh itself..i mean it showed” memory card removed” i had to switch off my phone and when i switched it on, it was fine….now everytime i remove my memory card ,i first have switch off my phone and then insert the memory card…..i even updated my software ver to 3.63 but still nothing budged…..i seriosly dnt know how do i resolve this problem…..anyone please help meee….
    please can anyone send me some kind of
    MEMORY BOOSTER to my id….
    i will be very grateful if u do so…
    thank u

    EDIT: Removed personal info (Such as email, phone, mobile, fax and etc.)

  43. just upgrade the firmware and all the hanging/restarting problems will go.
    just dial *#0000# and check your version of the Operating system.ifyour OS is older than 3.63… You need to upgrade your firmware.

    upgrade the firmware from Nokia PC suite Software Updater…

  44. I have never had restarting problem. Not even with original 3.60 firmware version. Unfortunately, someone is saying in nokia forum that “cracking/popping” problems got even worse after firmware update. Just unbelievable… Anyway, there’s no currently newer firmware version than 3.63 for my product code.

  45. MEMORY UP BOOSTER does not solve the restarting problem. is there anyone whose problem was solved using memory booster???

  46. to solve your problems guy’s upgrade your version to 5.81 now i’m very satisfied with my 5310, sound is better,louder than v3.63!

  47. i have my 5310 express unit, my problem with it is , there is a time that the volume adjustment button is not fuctioning, and in my screen only shows puch to talk menu, how’s that, hope someone can help me regarding this, coz this one always happend, perhaps something wrong with my settings.

  48. Hey
    does anyone know how to acess yahoo go.?
    After trying to connect it says ” Sorry Yahoo! go encourted a problem during start up, Please restart Yahoo go!”
    Even after restarting yahoo, it keeps coming up with the same message!

  49. I downloaded several .mp3 files to my 5310 today. Only one file successfully downloaded. The others were all titled ‘unknown’ and would not play. I could not delete any of the files, so I rebooted the phone. It now cycles thru the power up procedure 3 times, then shuts down. There is no time between cycles to scroll thru the settings menu to reset the phone to factory settings. Any ideas/suggestions other then tossing in the bin is appreciated.

  50. Just to add my experiences, I had the same problem as everyone else wrt to the phone rebooting when I played mp3 files. Tried resetting the phone settings, but that didn’t make any difference, so I updated the software. Still didn’t make any difference, so I went through the whole process of changing to AAC compression. Took a while, but mostly worth it as the phone has only crashed twice since (over a month, and quite a lot of use with a 4gb card). I have noticed the crackling though, which wasn’t there before updating the software. I wish Nokia would hurry up and release a version which plays mp3’s safely though – it’s a real pain not to be able to play them (especially with a 4gb card – it takes for EVER to reboot!)

  51. Wohoo! Updated to v05.81. The loudspeakers are louder and the equalizer is much more sensitive. Nice. thx nokia. After 45 minutes of listening no cracks/pops.

  52. joku

    Please tell that everything is ok after the 5.81 update…. and what about the restarting problem ?? and what about the slow camera issue??? is all that fixed or what ????????

  53. Gah and now my phone battery died and it’s crashing every time it starts up, back to the sturdy 6230i for a while haha. Think I’d rather repair the 5310 and sell it than put up with its sensitive lifestyle ha. Who knows if it is even repairable, bet they just say ‘oh you dropped it, bad luck’ or something stupid. Classic.

  54. Hi
    Y this nokia is producing worst mobiles.
    There should be some court on which it has to ban company if it cannot keep their promise on any phone.
    They should pay compensation for users.

  55. Got the phone back from Repair Centre a few hours later, they’ve put me on firmware v5.01. I just bought a 6120 while i was waiting! Gah what to keep! The firmware does seem excellent. Not noticing pops or cracks anymore. The camera actually works like on my old 6233. The fonts in the music player are a little bigger. Also the ‘small’ font for writing a text is slightly bigger and looks very smart. The volume does seem improved although I never found it to be quiet so I can’t comment fully. The sound from the mp3 player sounds much ‘fuller’ than it did before anyway. Anyone else noticed anything? I’m just glad they didn’t charge me a penny!!!!!!! 2 years warrenty, I wish I knew there was a Nokia centre so nearby before. Hope people can update soon, it’ll make the phone justifiable at last!

  56. I got caught in a storm yesterday and 5310 was in my handbag it was stii functioning till the battery died. When I started charging it in the morning it switches on fine till yo have to set the date and time then switches it self off and won’t go any further any ideas??

  57. Doh I meant firmware v5.81. Still going well but also liking the 6120 classic. It too shows album art. It’s a toughie. Right last comment now. I look obsessed. xD

  58. i placed songs on my microSD card and after a week the files suddenly were lost and were replaced by some jibberish that i think were games like sudoku. could this be a virus? and after another week my 5310 suddenly hanged and my microSD suddenly cannot be read anymore. WTF. help.

  59. hello i was wondering whther any1 can help me i have a nokia 5310 n when i go onto the camera it just goes to a black screen and then camera standbye any1 no what myt be wrong ive been told it could be the software init it myt not be up 2 date,but ive also been told it could be a crack in the mother board????? any helpp

  60. @ Josh
    Sounds tricky. Definately have to send that to Nokia to take back to the store you bought it. Hope they dont fob you off saying cracked motherboard. Sony Ericsson did that to my Bro yet Nokia have been superb with me recently. Have you been to the nokia website and tried updating the phones firmware using the usb cable?

    @ Shane Simon
    Have you left your bluetooth on? Most likely way you could have gotten a virus. Also be careful where you get your music from as it may not be reliable. Try using nokia software updater to reinstall or update firmware too?

  61. I upgraded to 5.81 using the nokia software updater and this is what I noticed:
    Sound has definitely improved – both through headphones and Speakers. No cracking (I never had them anyways).


  62. @Souvik
    lol that is odd :s
    Format your memory card and start again? I’m fortunate that I’ve never had the restarting issue…Its annoying some phones do and some don’t.

    I would have said yes until I read Souvik’s comment! Worth a try anyway as the phone does become improved. Maybe it was a one off for Souvik and it won’t happen again…?

  63. pls help. wen i switch on the phone a get the nokia logo of the shaking hands then my screen goes white and all u can see is the word unlock. when i push it nothing happens

  64. @ Zev
    That’s exactly what happened to my phone. The software has died. You’ve pretty much lost any data on it unless you backed it up recently. Check if you have a Nokia Service Centre nearby…they’ll do it free as it’s under Warrenty for 24 months! Otherwise send it away to them. I was so mad when it happened to mine, but chances are they’ll put the latest firmware on which is awesommme!

  65. Hi everyone. I have 5310, but are having some other issues than the rest of you. This has ben increasingly happenig to my phone over the last month: When listening to radio, incomming calls will connect, but no sound in speaker/headset – or from the mic. Display acts normal, but no way it will behave as a telephone. Restarting don’t help. Removing battery for 10 sec or more does the trick til I’m listenig to radio again. This don’t happen when playing music files. Also, animated backgrounds freezes when listening to radio, but not when playing music files. Another, minor, problem: what the f**k is the idea behind the fact that the key-lock also locks media keys and volume key??? That is just plaine silly!! Nokia should fire the genius responsable…. 🙂

  66. Hi, all
    There is a new update on this, Please connect your phone to the system and install the Nokia Softare Updater ( NSU ) from the nokia Website ( ). Once you install it, Update your Firmware to Version 5.81 which is the latest. Make sure you backup your data before you carry out any updates. Once this is done, then restart your phone and check for the firmware ( type *#0000# ). That should fix the codec issue with the phone and you can use MP3 files.

  67. @ Kristian…
    I’m a teacher, If I put the keylock on BUT the media keys still work I might accidently hit play and my class of 10 year olds will be introducted to Dragonforce and the like hahaha. Maybe that’s why they did it…just for me! Although on a serious point, a great idea would be to have an option in the menu that you can have ‘complete’ or ‘keypad’ lock. So that for the majority of users, they can still use the media keys and just lock the main keypad.

  68. help i know this is using the solution for restarting but mine doesnt do that anyway i want to know how you put music videos on that actually work because i put a musiv dieo on but it only the music plays the video doesnt please help me

  69. how can i update firmware when i start may nokia 5310 and i enter pin the phone reboots and i can do anything please help me.

  70. can you help me about my nokia 5310,.., it only shows NOKIA logo,. do you know how to format it???? its a S40 version.pls.,. send your info. to my email,. tnx a lot in advance,.

  71. what about the RM-304 version? I still cant upgrade my phone from 3.63 to 5.81.
    it has something to do with the country you live? i mean the upgrade…
    I did not see any rebooting just 1 time and I am always playing mp3 files, but the low ringing tone bothers me.

  72. If you’re phone isnt booting up then you have the problem I had…it’s dead and the software has crashed. You will have to send it off most likely now to get it flashed. 😦 Hope you guys can find a way to get it done. Look up where your nearest Nokia service Centre is.

    this was all good till today wen i was on the phone and the phone cut off and a blank screen came up. i tried to turn it on but it didnt do much, it just switched off again after a minute.i called the nokia repair people and they said it is common and free to fix as long as i gt a receipt.


  74. and now my nokia 5310 works perfectly… i love it so much. i was so scared that there wud be more problems… my advice is if your having problems follow these steps
    1. restore factory settings… to gt rid of bugs
    2. update to the latest version. i think its 5.31 at the moment.
    3. dont put lots of crap on ur fone n then complain that it messes up.
    4. enjoy an amazing phone…

  75. and if it isnt turning on at all…. just take out the mem card and turn it on, it will work. u can put it bak in after u turned it on 😉

  76. I think Jont did not understood what I said.
    The thing is that my phone DO reboot himself randomly when playing mp3 files and we are still unable to upgrade the phone via nokia software updater.
    Do any of you know if this update will be available soon? a friend and I have the issues descripted here for 2 months now and no one is able to tell us when the update is going to be released.

    Thank you so much

  77. Anyone heard of the newer firmware? Don’t know if it is just a rumour of v7.01 or v7.1. It’ll be interesting if there is. Got my 8gb card running in it even thought it doesn’t display it as 8gb it still finds all the tracks and stuff.

  78. My express music is shutting of all the time. I start it and it runs for 10 seconds and than it shuts of again. I can not put new software on it, because the telephone has to be on when you do that. Anyone has an idea? I am ready to smash it on the floor, think this is my last Nokia!

  79. i just got my phone back from the nokia sevice center and it already upgraded to v.07.01. i don’t know if the problem is still exist or not. but i’ve been thinking that i’m gonna sell it since i experience the rebooting problem 3 times up until now.
    please take this as your full consideration.
    sorry for the bad english

  80. Hi Jont,

    I always see your comments around here, thanks for coming and coming back again.

    About the rumors, there will be a new firmware for Nokia 5310 – which will carry the prefix V7.XX. So stay tuned. Nokia techsoft is still working with the bugs…

  81. No problem Xpressmusic, I just try to help the people where possible! I checked the nokia software updater for my update. It turns out my phone should only have the v3.63 as my phone is locked to Orange UK! Lucky for me the Nokia Service Centre must have avoided that when they reinstalled my firmware before. Maybe I need to get my firmware to crash once the new one comes out! That is assuming it is worth the ‘upgrade’!

  82. hi
    i got 5310 few days back and i am facing a problem of restarting or display out?can anyone guide me wat to do??
    rest i am satisfied with this phone.

  83. HEElllPPPP!!!..

    its been barely 2 months since i bought my 5310 xpressmusic, and hell! its giving me sucha bad time!.. it turns off all of a sudden and doesnt turn on again. I’ve given it to the nokia care center thrice already.. but makes no difference… i really hav no clue what to do!!

  84. pls help me, i have experience problem with my nokia 5310 express music just a week ago. i turned it off to change the sim and then i put it back the phone does not on. It just show the word nokia then it suddenly get off., help me please.

  85. I’m in a real tough situation now. My phone won’t even start, and it was recently serviced due to my display being broken. When I got it back, it worked fine until today.

    I pressed play, but after half the song had played, the whole phone froze up, saying “unknown song” in the media player. I switched off the phone, and when I tried switching it on again, it asked me to enter my PIN number. The Nokia logo plays, but after that the screen just goes white for about five minutes, and then it turns off again.

    Any solutions perhaps? Throw me an email at pestbarn[at]

  86. just wanna ask u guys… coz my memeory card doesnt show any of my

    picture… everytime i’ll open it… a certain file is not

    supported will appear… i dont know whta to do~~~

    can anyone help me with this problem?!!!

    thanks in advance….

  87. Well, i have a weird problem too. I got my Nokia 5310 about 2 weeks back, and within 4-5 days started experiencing problems with the display.
    I checked the Nitifications setting and said ‘Show’ but it still refuses to notify me of any missed calls or messages received or even for that matter, when the Alarm rings, there’s no option for Snooze or Stop! it just rings and keeps ringing.

    Notifications show up during the first few hours of switching on the phone, but as the day progresses, as i get messages it just rings and theres no notification at all!
    This is really irritating and annoying me now.
    Someone said try formatting the phone as it may have a virus. I did that, but to no avail. Restore Factory Settings hasn’t helped either.

    What should i do!?!?!

  88. Man it sounds like there are some bugged up devices out there! I’m counting myself fortunate that mine runs fine even with the 8gb card in there! If your phone is white screening and won’t startup then there’s nothing you can actually do yourself. Its got to go back to Nokia and just argue that it must just be defective and you’re fed up of sending it back and forth! Don’t keep getting screwed by them, demand that you have a phone that works!

  89. hi my badluck i got my celpjone upgraded to v 5.81 firmware bt still that rebooting problem while i am on call….plz help me wat to do now???????

  90. hi All
    I would loke some help from u all,i got a 5310 new had it for a week,and then it froze,would not switch off so i took the battery out ,put it in again and it would start up past the nokia hands and tone then it would shut down to a black screen!Help pleas advise,anything… thanx alot

  91. hi,well looking at what some of you all have been saying i decided to put my M sd card back in,And guess what?! it started,so i quickly re set the phone back to factory settings,and so far its still working,Thanks to you all ,hope some of you with similar probs find a solution.Sharp

  92. Hi Saira,

    We have the same problem. I already upgraded my phone to v 5.81, it worked great for a week and now it’s still keeps on restarting.. firmware and restoring factory settings didn’t help at all..

  93. hi,,,i got a big problem with my nokia 5310. It suddenly turned off then the moment i tried to turn it on. it won’t open. It will open and then suddenly will be turned off again! i hate this! can you please help me with this. I just got my phone 5 months ago.

  94. Guys!!

    First i had problems with Nokia 5310 like it was restarting automatically when on music player and sound was too low ,felt like throwning it away.but after i installed the updated f/w to
    V70.01,now it excellent,i love this mobile .

  95. Guys the i updated my phone From v3.60 to v8.32 and it rocks big time.. !
    the loud speakers bang big time and yeah most of the bugs are removed !!!!!
    i love my phone more so !!

  96. HELP ME !!

    every time i get a missed call on my nokia 5310 it freezes and turns off to get it to turn on again i have to take the battery out and in .. when i have done this sometimes it freezes again and i have to repeat what i did .. when i play music it freezes

    i am sooo annoyed with it but i cant bear to part with it .. what can i do .. do i need to send it to a phone shop ??



  97. hey guys,there’s new firmware update for nokia 5310 the V 09.42… this will fix the restarting,cracking,low sound problem etc and this new firmware supports up to 32GB microsdHC… note: u should buy microSDHC NOT microSD(this will not support the new firmware) have a nice day.

  98. i have restarting problem on my nokia 5310 if i switch on the mobile Nokia screen display and after 2 seconds it is switch off . So have too much problem please help me some one . I also try to remove my memory card and after that switch on but still same problem please help me my e-mail id

  99. hi!
    my phone had these problems to till the day I was dleting some files from the memory card and wen i removed the cable the phone blocked so I removed the batery and putd it back on and when it asks to put the time and date it restars 3 or fore times and then it turns off on its own could you help me with this problem?

    Sorry for my bad english, im portuguese…

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