The Bubblenator

Turn your normal images into something a little more fun! Add bubbly cartoon captions to your photos images directly in your browser and just upload it anywhere you want. You can all do this by using the Bubblenator!

The Bubblenator is fun and easy. It’s a great tool to add funny effects for your pictures. Load in your image, then use the Bubblenator to add ‘speech bubbles’ wherever you want them. Place up to three bubbles onto your image, fill in your desired text for each, change sizes, choose from ‘spoken’ and ‘thought’ bubbles.

Once you’re done, bubblenator will provide you with a HTML code you can use to put your captioned image on your website, blog, Myspace page, friendster or just anywhere else
you would normally add an image. Just copy and paste a few lines and you’re done!

It’s a free and safe page to browse on. The page loads fast and the navigation was easy to used to as expected. The cool thing about it is that it’s fully compatible with all major
browsers available now. Don’t forget to visit this great site. Funny, cool and bubbly!

You can visit the Bubblenator here.


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