New KD Player v0.8.9

Download the latest KD Player for your mobile phone!


Download Links:
Download KD Player 128×160 (EN)

Download KD Player 176×220 (EN)

Download KD Player 208×208 (EN)

Download KD Player 240×320 (EN)

To start Download, choose version for your screen resolution and click on the link. KD Player has been tested on these phones: Sony Ericsson W810, K800, Z710. Nokia Series40: 5300, 6233, Series60: 5700. List of supported phones HERE, but list is not full and if your phone supports JSR-75 and JSR-135, program will work too.





  1. Hey! I’m just curious if you know of a way to change the keybinding of the MENU function (I don’t think my phone is supported, but i think that’s the only flaw because that’s holding me back from importing files!)

  2. Say, the 6085 is listed here as compatible, but mine does NOT show the MP3 tracks. This may be because Data Access– Read User Data is set by the phone to NOT ALLOWED.

    Is there any way around this?

    I’d really like to try KD Player!

  3. Installed it on my 5300 (firmware v5.0) but cant import any songs…
    Hve tried to move it around some directories (with and without mp3 in them), but i always get the same result…
    Any help?

  4. Well, I can’t see much difference with the previous version 0.8.6 apart from the album art. This version can keep tags to the album art so the phone doesn’t keep on asking me to ‘allow application to read data?’. Thats a good improvement. Congrats

  5. The program looks quite nice, and works well on my Nokia 6300. A question, though… is there any way to get it to handle mp4/m4a/m4b audio files? My phone’s generic default player will let me play them, but there’s no ff/rw/search/resume functions… just play, pause, and stop.

    I listen to audio books, so sometimes the files are very long and I’d like to not have to start from the very beginning if I get a call I need to take.

    Even if it can’t, still a good program! Keep up the good work.

  6. me too… I have a k750i but the program doesn’t play songs… it runs fast, but loading songs into a playlist are very slow and alway’s my phone ask, acces allow or not… every track.
    is there a chance that it plays the songs? because the program are famous…
    thx by manu

  7. Awesome program! It works very well on the Nokia 6300. The built-in player for .mp4 files is terrible – it only has controls for play, pause, and stop. I listen to audio books a lot, so they’re often very long, and this makes things work out so much better.

    A note though… the player doesn’t seem to recognize .m4b files, even though the phone itself can play them and they’re at least hypothetically identical to .m4a and .mp4 files. I found that if I rename my .m4b’s to .m4a’s or .mp4’s, they work just fine.

  8. Hi, thank you! I’ve been looking for something like this for ages!!
    However.. (and it might be me that are doing something wrong here).. when trying to follow your suggestion about given the program access (xpressmusic Dec 16th)- I can’t tick the “always allowed” option. This particular option is all greyed out.
    -> Options -> Application Access -> Data Access -> Read userdata
    (“add and edit data” option is also not possible to choose)

    I have a 6233 running firmware V.05.60.
    KD player program is installed in the phone memory and music on a 2 Gig SD micro card.

    I’ve also tried to have the program installed on the SD card, but got the same result i.e can’t give the program “always allowed” access to my Mp3 directories.

    Any suggestions?

  9. Kaggen,

    Everytime you open the application, it should ask for permission only once. On the previous versions, that problem really occurs and it’s really bugging. So the author decided to fix it up by preserving the tags on the album art. We can expect more improvements on the next release.


  10. can’t tick the “always allowed” option. This particular option is all greyed out.
    -> Options -> Application Access -> Data Access -> Read userdata
    whete this ? thx

  11. Nikos,this is not a KD player function… Before you start/open the application, press Options (left bottom corner of the screen),then press “application access” -> “Data Access” -> “Read userdata” -> “Always allowed”. Obviously you need to mark/highlight the KD player program prior to following above steps.


  12. hi,
    I have a Nokia 6280 on “3” in Australia. KD runs but operating system does not allow any data “application access” (all options except “Not allowed” are grayed out.) So I can’t load a playlist. Can you/anybody suggest any way to change this, apart from buying a new phone ;). I am willing to pay a modest amount to get a media player as good as KD

    regards and thanks for a fantastic application, just wish I could listen to music on it!

  13. Well, alas, that data access setting is permanently greyed, set to off. It CANNOT be changed.

    Someone elsewhere on the web said it’s a certification problem, that KD Player needs to get a certificate.

    Short of that, is there any way a user can make this work?

    I’m on a Nokia 6085.

    Oh, and before I go crazy trying to figure this access stuff out, does KD Player remember where you left off in a podcast? The built in player loses its place, forgets where you were whenever you move to another track or turn off the phone.

    Can KD Player remember?

    If not, then I better keep looking for a viable MP3/podcast player and NOT knock my head against the wall over this Data Access biz.

  14. Hi,
    I have Nokia 6234 and KD v0.8.9. There is no way to get a track to play. I always get an exception: “Unable to open file: device exception”.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanx Martin

  15. I am not able to minimize KD Player v0.8.9 application.
    I have to close the Player if I want to access other things on phone. Someone pls help.

  16. in my 6233 this kd player is not running , actually any version of Kd player is not running…..!!

    my phone is not allowing any application to read the data ….!!

    can anyone suggest wat should i do to run dis player in my 6233 phone …??

    its firmware 5.60

  17. Menu is not mapped properly on A707, directional and center-button navigation work. Maybe add a menu item in the default menu to allow keybinding changes or allow keys 1/3 to operate the two functions, or even just require us to get to the menus through such an item?

  18. Hi,
    I have nokia 6300. These features I did not found with KD player.

    1. Can not play in background.
    2. Memory access problem.
    3. Does not show system time. (This might get resolved If i can set system screen saver on)
    4. Good, if search can be done using some character pressing. (i.e. in phone address book, if i wan Vinay I just pressed “v”, “i” and most of the time I am there. i do not have to scroll).
    5. Time gap when you FastFw the songs is not customized.

    Thanks & Regards
    Vinaykumar Patel

  19. muad_dib77, theme creation process is explaied on the official website of player.

    Vinay, there is no way to run java applications in background in s40 phones.

  20. Hi,
    I have Nokia 6233 and KD v0.8.9. I am able to add files to a playlist, but when I try to save the playlist, I get foll. error :-
    “Unable to save! Exception file: Access denied”.

    Any suggestions?

    Many Thanks, Hemant

  21. Well that link above sends me to a page in Russian, even with the translation there’s a lot of steps and extra programs… it’s quite daunting!


    1) will it work to certify KD Player?

    2) does KD Play resume where it leaves off in a podcast–preserving a bookmark even after the phone is turned off?

    That’s key for me. Until I find that out, it’s not worth trying all this extra stuff!

  22. OK, from what I read elsewhere it seems that KD Player does have bookmarks (is that the same thing as resuming where left off after the phone is switched off, then on again?)

    But, the Russian web page shows a win.rar which doesn’t download, plus I’m on a Macintosh.

    This is quite frustrating!

    Anyone have some suggestions of a nice cell phone that comes with a podcast player that knows how to resume where one left off?

    Or an easy fix to get KD Player working on a Nokia 6085 where the program isn’t certified and the options are greyed out?!

  23. i install this to my nokia e65 and its always to read user data.
    When i set it to not allowed (2 option only a. not allowed and b. ask every time)

    but in my k810 there are another option “Never ask” and its perfectly running

  24. i install this to my nokia e65 and its always to read user data.
    When i set it to not allowed (2 option only a. not allowed and b. ask every time) it has error in it.

    but in my k810 there are another option “Never ask” and its perfectly running

  25. Does anyone know how to make KD Player work on a 6085 using a Mac?

    The be happy directions above require a Windows step.

  26. I have the nokia 6126 flip phone. I finally got music to play in kd player(yay), but I cannot minimize the program so when I close my phone the prog closes:( Suggestions?

  27. KD Player on my Nokia 6085… the best!…. i’ve been looking for days and days and i’ve finally found what i really need…. thanks many many thanks… you guys….iloveyouall!

  28. Hallo.
    I have a 5310 Nokia cellphone.
    I have installed the KD Player v0.8.9 but the .flv file extensions don’t run.

    KD Player v0.8.9 plays the flash files with .flv extension?

    There are some players that run flv files?

    Thank to all in advance.
    Mattia from Italy.

  29. i installed the KD player on my nokia express music 5310. I am not able to see my music files and videos in KD player. Its not allowing me to select the “application access”. it is greyed out.
    can you let me know how i can get to view my music and video files on the KD player.

  30. I’m using KD player version 0.5.6. It works perfectly, however, its background is a little bit of unpleasant (containing only blue color). I tried V0.9.5 on my phone, however, when I played file.mp3 my phone always asked me allowing. That’s so unpleasant. My phone is Nokia 3110c.

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